When do SAT results come out | SAT Score release dates for 2022 and 2023 (2023)

When do SAT results come out | SAT Score release dates for 2022 and 2023 (1)

After working hard and finally getting the SAT you're preparing for, probably the first thing on your mind is when your results will be available. This article details the post-test results release schedule, explains why the process can take so long, and describes what your numerical SAT score actually means when the release date arrives.

How long does it take for SAT scores to be refunded?

The time it takes to retrieve your multiple-choice SAT score depends on your test date. For most Saturday tests, results come in just 13 days, or about two weeks, after the test. (The exception here is the June 4, 2022 exam, which will take about 40 days before results are released on July 13.) For school day SAT tests, the wait time is three weeks.

If you also choose to take the SAT essay, your essay score should arrive within a few days of receiving your multiple-choice score.

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SAT Score Release Dates

The table below shows SAT scores release dates by test date, with approximate dates when colleges will receive their SAT scores.

Release schedule for 2022-2023

TestdatumPublished multiple-choice scorePublication of the editorial noteUniversities get test results
March 12, 2022 and May 4, 2022Your results have been published!
June 4, 2022July 13, 2022A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround July 23rd
August 27, 2022September 9, 2022A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround 7:09 pm
October 1, 2022October 14, 2022A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround October 24th
November 5, 2022November 18, 2022A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround 11/28
December 3, 2022December 16, 2022A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround December 26th
March 11, 2023March 24, 2023A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround April 3rd
May 6, 2023May 19, 2023A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround May 29th
June 3, 2023June 16, 2023A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround June 26th

Release dates for School Day

TestdatumPublished multiple-choice scorePublication of the editorial noteUniversities get test results
October 12, 2022November 2, 2022A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround 12.11
October 27, 2022November 17, 2022A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround 11/27
March 1, 2023March 23, 2023A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround April 2nd
March 22, 2023April 14, 2023A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround April 24th
April 12, 2023May 3, 2023A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround May 13th
April 25, 2023May 18, 2023A few days after the release of the MC scoreAround May 28th

When will universities receive my results reports?

Colleges will receive a score report within 10 days of receiving their own score. The process is automatic and you cannot reverse your decision to submit your score report to the colleges you chose when you applied for the SAT.

However, if you're concerned that you didn't do well on the SAT, you canYou mayCancel your results and try again later. You must cancel your score before 23:59. m. Eastern Standard Time on the Thursday after your SAT test. If you choose this option, your results cannot be reset or reported to you or your institution. Think carefully about the decision!

Unfortunately, there is no way to undo sending your score report to colleges.laterYou have received your score. Keep this in mind when registering for the SAT!

When are the SAT scores released?

Daily results are published for each specific test, most students ask the same question:When will I receive my SAT scores?

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  • Typically, about half of SAT test takers receive their results by 8 am. m. EST on the day the results are released.
  • The other half will receive the result by 20:00 at the latest. m. EST on the day scores are published.

Try not to get too stressed out when launch day arrives and you don't have results right away - you'll receive an email when the results are available!

How to Check SAT Scores

When you receive your email notifying you that the scores are ready, go tostudent IDsand log in with your College Board username and password. (You can also access the PSAT and test results here.)

If you applied for the SAT by mail and never created an account online, you will receive a physical copy of your score in the mail. You can also access it by phone. When logging in, keep track of the information that will later allow you to access your score.

Why does it take so long to get the SAT results?

Waiting for the SAT score can be incredibly stressful, but it takes a lot to get a fair score on any SAT; After all, millions of students take the test every year. Here's why this process can take longer than you think:

Test responses are submitted to the College Board

The physical form you completed on test day must be received by the College Board in order to be scored.

The raw score is calculated

Your raw SAT score is simply the number of questions you answered correctly in each section.

  • For the Reading and Writing sections, your raw score is converted to a scale of 10 to 40. This number is then multiplied by 10 to give a total score between 200 and 800 for the combined Reading/Writing sections.
  • For the Math No Calculator and Math Calculator OK sections, the total number of math questions you answered correctly (out of 58) is converted to a score between 200 and 800.

Writing is graded by two human graders

While the multiple choice section can be graded automatically, the essay section must be graded by real people. While this can be an essential part of the process, it significantly delays the publication of the essay note.

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Final SAT Score Released

Finally: the results are in! With multiple-choice and essay scores posted for everyone as of a specific test date, you can either beat the SAT or decide to buckle up and retake the test.

Understand your SAT score

There are several ways to understand your SAT score: questions answered correctly (raw score), raw scores applied to the test structure (composite score), and your score compared to your peers across the country (percentage score). Learn more about composite scores versus percentiles below.

what are youcomposite scores?

  • Your composite score is a number between 400 and 1600 that represents your personal performance in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Mathematics sections. See the chart belowthe university boardto understand how this composite assessment process works.
When do SAT results come out | SAT Score release dates for 2022 and 2023 (2)

To determine your makeup, find your raw score for a specific section along the left column in blue and move down the row to the section where you got that score. For the Reading and Writing and Language sections, multiply the number found by 10 to get your score.

what are youpercentile values?

Your percentage score reflects how well you personally performed on the SAT compared to all other participants on a particular test. You can find the latest datahereAnd you'll notice some interesting patterns!

  • Let's say you get a 1010 on the SAT. A score of 1010 would put you in the 50th percentile for the nationally representative sample and the 44th percentile for the SAT user category, which means you outperform about 43% of students and about 56% of students score higher. than your 1010.
  • Increase your score to 1110, however, and you are now in the 69th percentile of the "nationally representative sample", quite a dramatic increase in college application competitiveness with that 100 point score boost!
  • In terms of percentiles, there is not a big difference between 1450 and 1600 (perfect score), although the same difference in scores between 1000 and 1150 is a big problem.
  • To useCollege Board Chart, just find your score in the left column and follow the top row for your two percentiles.

Keep in mind that this is not a score of 100 in the traditional sense; If you see a 37, that doesn't mean you got 37 correct answers out of 100 on the test! These numbers simply tell you how you did on the test.relatively.

What are subscores??

Along with your composite score and percentage score, you also get seven subscores, or information about your performance in seven categories.

  • For the Mathematics section, these categories are Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Mathematics, and Problem Solving and Data Analysis.
  • For the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections, secondary scores are expressions of ideas, standard English conventions, words in context, and mastery of evidence.

The following table summarizes which topics can appear in these categories.

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pseudo-algebra herzsolve linear equations and linear inequalities; interpretation of linear functions; Linear equations/linear inequality problems; linear equation graphs; Linear function word problems; Systems of Linear Equations/Systems of Linear Equations Word Problems; Solving systems of linear equations
Move to advanced mathsolve quadratic equations; interpret non-linear expressions; quadratic and exponential word problems; manipulate quadratic and exponential expressions; radical and rational exponents/equations; operation with rational expressions/polynomials; graphs and factors of polynomials; graphs of nonlinear equations; linear and quadratic systems; structure in expressions; amounts of insulation; function notation
Troubleshooting and data analysisratios, rates and proportions; percentages; Units; table data; scatter chart; graphic functions; linear and exponential growth; data inferences; center, dispersion and shape of distributions; Data Collection and Conclusions
expression of ideasAdjust passages for clarity, flow, and impact
standard english conventionsGrammar, punctuation and syntax
words in contextAdd or change words in paragraphs to improve clarity; Consider the meaning of a word or phrase and think of its effect.
evidence squadshow how textual evidence supports a claim
*To understand this subscore, think of the evidence in general terms: ideas, facts, graphs, details, and even your choice of words as ways to connote a positive or negative result

While the information you need to know for these secondary outcomes may seem like a lot right now, drilling down is actually an incredibly useful learning tool. If you loved Algebra I and II and feel like you really understand the Heart of Algebra category, then you can count on a strong partial score there and Passport to Advanced Mathematics or Problem Solving and Data Analysis questions. ". instead! The same goes for the Reading/Writing sections: if you're a grammar geek, you might want to study the Expressing Ideas, Words in Context, and Evidence Mastery categories.


Since the grading process for fair tests is a bit complicated, SAT assessments can never be done automatically. While this process is frustrating, it does provide access to important data about how you did on the test, for example your percentage score, which helps you understand how your score stacks up against your competitors.

Waiting for your SAT score is almost certainly stressful, but take some time to relax - once you've prepared for the test, you deserve it! The good news is that most students only wait 2-3 weeks. And if you don't like the anticipation of waiting for results, schedule an SAT test with a shorter release window: for 2022, the weekend tests of August 7th, October 1st, November 5th, or December 3rd.

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