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Please update your credit card information to try again. Contact us for assistanceProxibid".', null, false, {height: 170}); } else if (registrationStatus === '-1') { // do nothing, the bidder must have canceled their deposit } else { Object.assign(marketguardMessageBootstrap , {registrationStatus: registrationStatus}); document.getElementById('registrationNotice').innerHTML = mgBannerHTML + hiddenHTML; renderReactComponents(); } } function sendDeposit(ccId, payment token, amount) { cc.getDeposit(ccId, payment token , function ( response code) { switch(responseCode) { case 0: registrationStatus = '2'; handleCCResponse(registrationStatus); break; case 1: registrationStatus = '1'; handleCCResponse(registrationStatus); break; case 2: agAlertDialog( 'You have exceeded the maximum number of attempts to add a credit card.contact usfor more help.'); record status = '2'; handleCCResponse(Recording Status); take a rest; Case 3: record status = '0'; handleCCResponse(Recording Status); take a rest; default: agAlertDialog('There was an error processing your credit card. 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Item description:translate description
SEE SEVERAL PHOTOS OF MOST LOTS FOR DIFFERENT ANGLE AND DESCRIPTIVE PICTURES, ESPECIALLY OF MANY SEVERAL ITEMS. Premium Internet: 15.00% PA sales tax, 6% Terms and Conditions: A valid credit card is required for offer approval. Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover. Payment Instructions: 1. Payment options for this auction are by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover).2. We will charge your credit card registered with Proxibid at the end of the auction. Once calculated, you will be charged a second shipping and handling fee (if applicable).3. Wire transfers are available to pay for purchases over $1,000. Please contact pmorganauctions@gmail.com for information before bidding!4. Make sure the credit card registered with Proxibid is valid. The auction company reserves the right to charge a service fee of up to $25 for any card that is declined for ANY reason.5. No cash or check payments are currently accepted. Currency type: USD6. Only VAT numbers that have been filed with Proxibid by Patrick Morgan Auction Services, LLC and/or PRIOR to the auction closing date will be honored for post-auction collection. Collection is on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2023 from around 2 p.m. 5 p.m. by appointment only Contact Dustin Spencer at 717-203-3225 to schedule an appointment. PICK-UP LOCATION: 325 W. Main St., New Holland, PA 17557. ALL buyers are responsible for bringing their own help (labor) to assist with pickup and loading, and their own packing materials (wrapping and packing paper, packing pads). The auction company does not provide labor for picking or loading. Please contact the auction company representative, Ty Morgan @ pmas.shipping @ gmail.com for general shipping and handling information. All special shipping requests must be sent to pmas.shipping@gmail.com within 48 hours of the auction ending. Shipping Notes: A MAXIMUM HANDLING FEE will be charged IN ADDITION to the shipping cost. $8.00/Small Padded Envelope via USPS Priority $12.00/Flat Rate Box via USPS Priority $20.00/Our Box for US addresses $25.00/Any other size or large package All US and International addresses. We will AUTOMATICALLY ship to all buyers whose address is more than 2 hours drive from the auction location AND/OR for deliverable items not collected during the stated collection times or for auctions held at our New Holland Auctions House, 7 days most economical Wise, but the final decision is at our discretion, with the safety of your items being our top priority. (UPS and USPS). Every effort is made to dispatch all items within fourteen (14) days. On rare occasions it may take longer (e.g. around the holidays or when a particular auction has an unusually high shipping value). Please email pmas.shipping@gmail.com with any special shipping/packaging/handling requests. Once your item is packed we are unable to make any changes. NO SHIPPING for large items or furniture. Consult Patrick Morgan at 717-278-9202 or Dustin Spencer at 717-203-3225 BEFORE placing a bid to confirm availability for bulk shipment. If the buyer is purchasing a larger item, the item will be taken to a third party shipper, UPS or FEDEX location for packing and shipping at the discretion of the Inland Shipping Manager. Patrick Morgan Auction Services, LLC reserves the right to charge a handling fee for delivery to the third party shipper, up to a maximum of $25 per item, depending on size. Packaging and shipping costs are then between the BUYER and the third party. Dispatcher. BUYER assumes ENTIRE risk of loss at the time of delivery to the third party carrier. If the BUYER refuses the third party packaging and shipping charges, the items will be deemed abandoned and title will revert to the original auctioneer and/or seller WITHOUT ANY REFUND to the BUYER, at which time the auctioneer and/or seller may redeem those items resell and retain ALL proceeds such as penalties and associated relocation or relocation expenses. We strive to meet all of our buyers' shipping requirements; However, we are an auction company and not a freight forwarder. Our in-house shipping manager strives to find the best, cheapest way to get all purchases to our customers safely and efficiently. Do not bid on any item unless you are willing to pay all shipping and handling charges. ANY and ALL uncollected or non-shippable items left more than two weeks after the auction has ended will be considered Abandoned. or if the credit card is declined, the bidder does not take ownership. The transfer of ownership only takes place when the payment is credited; otherwise the items will be declared abandoned by you, without title to you and without return of monies. By registering to bid, you agree to all of the above terms: By bidding, you agree to be bound by all of the terms. No exceptions. This is an absolute auction. All items are sold as shown without warranty.

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