Valorant Episode 4: Update Patch Notes - Melee Changes, Perks, Nerfs, More - The Hiu (2023)

Valorant Episode 4: Update Patch Notes - Melee Changes, Perks, Nerfs, More - The Hiu (1)

The Valorant Episode 4 patch is finally here, bringing several updates to Guns and Breeze, as well as the introduction of the new Agent: Neon.

Valorant Episode 4 starts on January 12th. Less than a week ahead of schedule, Riot released all the information about what we'll see in the next episode.battle pass, comes fromagents new neon, and more.

In episode 4, melee gets a big buff and Specter, Ares, Guardian and Bulldog also get changes.

Valorant Episode 4: Update Patch Notes - Melee Changes, Perks, Nerfs, More - The Hiu (2)

Neon will join Valorant's roster in Episode 4.

Below are the full patch notes for Volume 4, and keep in mind they won't be available until the start of the next episode.


Neon Live Stream!



Melee is very hard to aim, so it's hard to trust. As such, we've updated left and right click melee attacks for more reliable agent tracking.

  • The right-click mailbox is now 1.5 times larger. Left-click boxes are now larger than right-click boxes and also have a slightly greater range.
  • Targets near the center of your knife attacks will hit first, so you'll still have precision when you need it.
  • Bonus: sniper walls now have instant feedback when slashing walls (assume client side)


We liked the Specter's versatility, but it was very active in long-range combat and dominated even at close range and in the expected mobile situations. By showing the accuracy bug a little earlier and toggling the yawn more often, we hope to make it harder to kill people at long range. Also, spraying at close range requires more control to be effective.

  • Activation errors occurred in previous enumeration stages
    • Instead of errors appearing, for example, on frames 4, 7, 10 (in terms of firing order), they appear on frames 3, 6, 8
  • Increased pitch and yaw recoil (vertical and horizontal) when running/jumping/boosting from 1.25 >>> 1.5
  • Number of projectiles protected from greed change (horizontal) when spraying reduced by 8 >>> 5 projectiles
  • Reduce time to change yaw mode from 0.24 >>> 0.18 seconds

Along with the Specter changes, we hope to improve the feel and power of the Ares and lift it out of the shadows of other weapons in its price range.

  • delete appearance
  • Fire speed increased by 10 >>> 13


The Guardian doesn't need a rate of fire penalty compared to its full-auto opponents, so we're removing that. Adding another bullet before it starts to destabilize makes the gun feel much smoother to fire and improves its overall combat effectiveness.

  • Removed the rate of fire penalty in ADS (aim down).
  • Added an additional marker before entering the recovery curve.


We're giving the Bulldog some love to make it a better buy in situations where you might need a less expensive but versatile rifle option.

  • Hip fire speed increased by 9.5 >>> 10
  • Improved burst recovery from 0.4 >>> 0.35
  • The inaccuracies accumulate each time a weapon is fired again before a certain amount of the respective weapon's cooldown has elapsed. A shorter cool down time improves the efficiency of the explosion.



  • Changed the double overlay on Short A to remove the placement of the powerful unidirectional smoke that makes the area very difficult for an attacker to reach. ○ Guardians will still be able to obstruct rooms, but the new design will give invaders some options for breaking in.
  • There is also a small new bench that you can install at first glance. BREEZE
  • Increases A Main Choke's width and removes 50/50 seconds (requiring you to choose one of two possible opponents)
    • This gives defenders more options when playing for A Main. It also removes the 50/50 scaling when entering or exiting a cave, allowing you to be more methodical when pushing.
  • Added a stack of two crates in the cave.
    • This provides some cover for attackers entering the cave and gives defenders more avenues to find space.
  • Adjusted the cover at the bottom of location A and extended the pool to the opposite wall
    • Cover switching gives defenders a safe place to retreat and more cover in the rematch. The expansion of the pool will make playing in this room more comfortable.
    • The expansion of the planting area should also take into account the new shape of the pool.
  • Fit the curved wall in the middle
    • This change simplifies space and eliminates redundant pockets.
  • Added an overlay to the towers on Site B, blocked the back of the site with a new wall, and added a stack of crates to Wall B.
    • The new neck shell opens up new possibilities for front and rear pickups.
    • The revamped re-spin site takes a look at B Main and gives players a new skin to work with. This new holster comes in handy when you get behind and repeat.
    • The new crate stack restricts some major B angles, gives you new options when it comes to holding or retrieving, and will do away with some of the awkward fights that can happen in thin walls.
  • Gate at A can no longer be activated until closing or opening is complete


As the map and agent pools grow, it becomes more difficult for new players to learn and play VALORANT effectively. However, we will not be making changes to when players can access our most competitive experiences. We believe everyone should take the time to learn the ins and outs of the core game and familiarize themselves with all the maps, and will be attacked by VALORANT Operators before participating in the experience. our ratings. To enforce this learning phase, we decided to add an account level requirement for competitive play.

  • As of patch 4.0, unplayed ranked accounts must reach account level 20 before they can join the competitive queue.
    • For those who have not yet reached account level 20 but have played in the competitive queue, they can still play in ranked mode.


game system

  • Fixed an issue with Signature Kill Counter not updating esports features
  • Trainers will no longer have the problem of switching targets with number keys and mouse clicks sometimes fail. Valorant Episode 4 Update Patch Notes: Melee Changes body, upgrades, nerfs , mais

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