The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (2023)

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September 26, 2022

The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (1)

There's a reason many of us can't believe it when we're all alone with a loaf of fresh sourdough. Stuff too good not to be devoured. Just add some Pepe Saya Butter and stick a fork in us!

Whether you're a purist who likes the simple luxury of perfect white sourdough bread, Mediterranean style bread with olives and garlic, sweet treats like cinnamon rolls and herb wafers - or, frankly, trying your take on wheat An obsession - we've featured you in our guide to Sydney's best bakeries. Put another hole in your belt, you're going to need it.

This is by far the best bakery in Sydney.

Vegan Pastries Oh My Day


The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (2)oh my dayStarted out as a cute botanical cafe, but changing menu items have taken them down a whole new path. From August 2022, Oh My Days transforms into Sydney's first vegan bakery, inspired by the success of their perfect vegan croissants (also a first in Sydney). A cake without butter, eggs and cream might seem impossible, but Oh My Days has created a little plant-based magic and the results are stunning. The croissants are made from ground whole wheat flour and topped with organic vegan butter from Denmark for the perfect ratio between "buttery" and crunchiness.

You'll also find a rotating selection of cakes, puffs, danishes, chocolate muffins and pies, each free of animal products, of course. Also keep an eye out for specials like the baklava croissants dipped in rose syrup and filled with pistachio-hazelnut frangipane.

such a lamington

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The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (3)De Newtownsuch a lamingtonare two leading pastry chefs Min Chai (ex N2 Extreme Gelato) and Eddie Stewart (exBlack Star Pastry), Tokyo Lamington puts the humble lamington on a pedestal. However, these guys go way beyond the classic cookie, jam, chocolate and coconut topping. On the menu, you'll find epic creative flavors like fairytale bread popcorn, pavlova, passion fruit herb slices, and very nostalgic finger bread. Run, don't go, to this inner west dessert paradise.


Surry Hills

The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (4)He's one of the new kids on the block, butLode Empanadas and CakesAlready has a cult following. Serves everything sweet and spicy like a masterLunChef Frederico Zanellato and Chef Lorenzo Librino, everything here is inspired by the cake aesthetic. With this, the art of the "rolling" process comes into play here, so expect plenty of goodness layered with custard, ganache, and seasonal fruit.

flour and stones

animal history

The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (5)Favorite Bakery in Woolloomoloo,flour and stonesServing classics with aplomb. But fresh sourdough and crispy croissants aren't their only offerings. Their fresh take on classic sweets like beetroot and seed cake or spelled carrot cake is a must. If you prefer something savory, don't miss the zucchini, chilli and Gruyère bread or the lamb, potato and rosemary tart. If you're feeling a little sweeter, you can treat yourself to an artisan ice cream gingerbread in the shape of a heart, rainbow, strawberry, penguin or fox. Did it get sweeter? We don't think so.

cherry moon


I can notCherry Moon grocery storeDo? This wood fired bakery and grocery store is a masterpiece by fhv.Iwaikeyesde tetsuyaPastry chef Kimmy Gastmeier and former school teacher Aimee Graham. Cherry Moon is full of charm, and its folksy and eclectic style will make you feel rightly away from busy Parramatta Road and the bustling city. At the center of it all is an artisanal wood-fired oven called the Apollonia, and if you choose wood-fired yeast, you won't be disappointed. The rich flavor infused into its unique fig folate dough is a revelation. From browned butter, chocolate chip, and sea salt cookies to donuts topped with glazed cherries, if you're looking for baked goods, you'll be dazzled. Supermarkets are different in that almost everything is homemade, from magnesium oil to homemade butter.

roll bakery


The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (6)roll bakeryIts design has an edgy, cool-kid feel that goes well with its quirky croissant creations. Baker James Sideris focuses on flavors that push the boundaries: think the truffled ham croissant, which mixes truffled goat cheese, prosciutto, comté and caramelized onions, and the eggplant, hummus, zaatar and jalapeño flavors Middle Eastern flavour. mix. Rollers diversifies its crazy croissant selection with vegan chocolate and coconut cookies or maple and bacon snails made with maple-smoked bacon, maple cream and toasted almonds. This is not a bakery for the faint of heart! Come to the door and see what daily specials surprise you.

Tuga Cake

Clovelly and Alexander

Tuga CakeIt's proof that good things come in small packages. This small counter bakery specializes in handmade pastel de nata (Portuguese pie). Clovelly's best kept secret also serves Pao de Deus (coconut brioche), Tart de Feijao (almond and hazelnut tart), pineapple carrot cake, dulce de leche pockets and Portuguese-style sandwich donuts. Their almond croissants were also voted number one in Sydney. For downtown residents, it also has a branch in Alexandria.

A.P. Excavator

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The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (7)A.P. ExcavatorIt may be Sydney's tastiest star-studded bakery. Mat Lindsay (Ester, Poly), Russell Beard (Reuben Hills, Paramount Coffee Project), Dougal Muffet (Moonacres Kitchen in the Southern Highlands) and Ping Jin Ng (Paramount House Hotel) have teamed up to promise to bring us the best bread in town. So far, the bakery is closed for business, but when it does, it will serve fresh bread from its on-site flour mill, taking the word artisan to another level.

boutique mail

the rebellion

"The Flour Shop came out of very unlikely circumstances," says co-founder Anu Haran. What started as a friendship on England trains has become one of the friendliest and most welcoming places on the North Shore. “We decided to open up shop in the suburbs and serve unserved communities,” Haran continued. She really loves the community. He's already started handing out Flour Shop entrees to anyone who asks, because he says "while everyone's freaking out at home, we'd love to give you a little cheer."

The Flour Shop is known for its Jerusalem bagel: a soft bagel filled with sausage, cheddar cheese and eggs. Their cinnamon rolls are another hit. Or you can enjoy a slice of finely baked bread with some Pepe Saya butter.

humble bakery

Surry Hills

The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (8)You wouldn't think that Surry Hills could squeeze into another bakery or coffee shop without blowing itself up, but when youhumble, we are more than happy to provide accommodation. Humble, tucked away on the hillside off Holt St next to sister venue Porteño, is often packed, with diners flocking to the sidewalk at lunchtime.

Following in the footsteps of its big brother South America, Humble puts refreshing southern frontier twists on classics, including favorites like ham and cheese, caramelized onion croissants and snails with sausage. The sourdough starter, developed by chef Francois Mignard, is less tart and produces a light crust, rather than the toothy variety sometimes associated with baked sourdough. "It's not as challenging on the jaw," says Abrahamicz. Those with a sweet tooth should try the watermelon, cheese and pistachio tart or the Basque cheese tart with Meredith goat cheese. Spinach pie (torta pascualina) is a timeless staple, and we're big fans of Humble's.Pink Glaze Finger Bag.



The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (9)Andy Bowdy burst into the cake stratosphere in 2015 with his wacky tiered cake towers. Drizzled with caramel sauce and garnished with meringue bombs, and available only to order online, it used to be almost impossible to get one: they were (quite). ) are very popular and totally unique. You can enjoy a meal at Bowdy's Enmore Cafe today,Saga.At the café, you can get everything from tiramisu to flourless chocolate cake and adorable mini versions of Bowdy's signature cake towers.

broad bakery

crumbling central business district

Whether you have celiac disease or prefer a gluten-free diet,broad bakeryThis is your sanctuary Even the pickiest of wheat lovers will be hard-pressed to go wrong with the delicious offerings at this bakery and café. Owner Cherie Lyden, a qualified nutritionist, was motivated to create gluten-free products when her daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. Wholegreen offers everything gluten-free consumers typically avoid. Seasonal muffins, cakes, sandwiches, sausage rolls, perfectly buttered cakes and of course expertly baked gluten free breads. This dairy- and egg-free bread is vegan and comes in a crazy range of flavors, including turmeric and activated charcoal, olive and rosemary, seedless, natural and fruity.

Mrs Yves


The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (10)From a true pastry chef. Since 2019, Yves Sherrer has graced the picturesque village of Clovelly with his creativity, having created signature desserts at Kisume in Melbourne, Sake, Est and Ananas in Sydney. White tiled walls and soft pink accents are a nod to the store, which was formerly the Sweet Kiss Patisserie on Clovelly Road for 30 years. This sweet legacy makes the perfect home for Sherrer's business.

It is a French bakery, patisserie, ice cream shop and bakery with a real focus on timeless techniques and flavors with a modern twist. You'll find fun cakes for every occasion, delicate French Monsieur Baguette croissants, three types of choux and inspired versions of croissants. Is there anything better than a dip in the ocean followed by homemade ice cream? Neither do we.



The now famous bakery of Yugoslavian-born Igor Ivanovic,IggyIt's all about the bread, and you'd believe the no-frills storefront with the long lines for days. In a city obsessed with aesthetics, Iggy's breaks the mold, keeping the interior basics and breads consistently above par. The bakery also offers classics like green and kalamata olive rolls and breadsticks topped with tangy Parmesan cheese and sprinkled with chili flakes and oregano. Early risers get the worms in sunny Bronte. Make sure you're up and ready for bread.


Chippendale and Marrickville

The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (11)brickOG Cleveland Streetcafe and Bakery is a local favorite, and for good reason. It's not easy to get a table in the smartly designed 35sqm space, but don't worry: you can grab your cake to go and sit on the chairs that stretch out to the street. In short, if you haven't had a Brickfields toast, you haven't lived. A perennial favorite, the bacon sandwich is served with manchees, gherkins, lemon aioli and pork belly bacon on seeded ciabatta bread. The fresh bread is second to none: Brickfields uses pre-industrial variety whole grains that contain bran, endosperm and wheat germ to create the perfect dough consistency. The list of cakes, sweets, cupcakes and pies is very good. If you're feeling adventurous, try the White Chocolate Lamington with Passion Fruit Curd.

Pioik Excavator


The word PiOiK (pronounced pee-oyk) means "bread" in Egyptian Coptic, an ancient language that was used after hieroglyphs. Owner and head baker Shady Wasef combines his Egyptian heritage with modern techniques to create surprisingly fresh baked goods. existBecause Pyrmont's favorite, you'll find black seed bread and focaccia with whole onion halves, flatbread pizza with Mediterranean toppings, spice rolls and Egyptian semolina cake.

bread fern

red fern

The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (12)bread fernIt's been a local Redfern favorite since it opened in 2017. And not just because of the cute name. Sticking to its line, the bakery aims to perfect its bread without being overt. The room itself is adorned with his precious loaves, which are placed in cubes on the wall, with a view of the kitchen. Open from 6am daily, it's worth getting up early to grab your bread while it's still warm in the oven. All the classics are available, from simple sourdough to fruit and olive bread. If you’re feeling cheeky, you can have a sliced ​​almond croissant or cherry danish for breakfast dessert – it’s a thing, right?

oregano digger

in hurstville

The signature dish at Oregano Bakery is without a doubt the cinnamon rolls. Sydneysiders have been known to travel all the way to buy a carton or two of butter, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Other notable rolls on the menu include the Fairy Bread, Fig and Almond, and Tahini and Pistachio. However, this small bakery offers more than just sweets. With strong Lebanese heritage (it used to be a dedicated Lebanese pizzeria), you can imagine the quality of the pides and pizzas: perfect dough, crispy edges and full of traditional Lebanese taste.

Extreme Excavator


Supreme Bakery Liverpool are the guardians of the Macedonian burek. If you ask Supreme Bakery owner and chef Mark Delevski, he'll tell you that burek isn't just a food, it's an art form. We wouldn't disagree. This beloved pastry is made from thin puff pastry and filled with fillings like ground lamb or ricotta and feta cheese. The small, family-owned business offers a variety of bureks, from counter-prepared cheeses and meats, to squash, potato and cherry varieties, which can be ordered ahead of time due to their more complex preparation. They all deserve to be put to the test!

Dragon Eye Bakery

China Development Bank

The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (13)A bustling city center might be the last place you're likely to find a pastry shop, but it's the emptiness hereDragon Eye BakeryIt was fully booked when it opened in late 2020. Run by an all-star team of Chris Sheldrick, Hannah Kim-Sheldrick, Josh Kim and Aileen Zhang, try not to get lost in the exquisite cakes and pastries on display. A lemon meringue pound cake croissant is the star of the menu, along with a bright green apple that's actually a deconstructed apple pie.

sweet belem


sweet belemHe is worshiped at an altar of Portuguese pie (as is elsewhere in Petersham, which some refer to as "Little Portugal"). The pies at Sweet Belem are some of the best in Sydney. The caramel custard is wrapped in a layer of crispy golden brown dough, which is nothing short of a masterpiece. Croissants, pan de leche, classic palmeras, Portuguese lamingtons and birthday cakes are also worth trying.

lamin 8

Lane Cove

Located on the corner of busy Longueville Road in the center of Lane Cove,lamin 8It came out in October 2020 and has been pleasing locals ever since. No wonder, as the shop was founded by Continental Patisserie wholesaler Jian Yao, who has been in the pastry business for over 30 years. Named after the process of folding the dough, it's a mosaic of smooth white that provides a brilliant backdrop for their specialty 20 crazy cakes.

On the bread side, you have amazing charcoal yeast dough with a pea flower purple interior and golden crust, and something more experimental in the flaky part. Matcha, poppy seed or black sesame palm and a Breton cake called Kouign-amann (pronounced "queen a-mahn"), believed to be the fattest cake in Europe.


Dulwich Hill

Aki and Kathy Daikos' local eatery of modern Greek food,Alefri, Flourish. Inspired by a recent trip back home, the couple hope to bring the best of what Greece is currently doing to Sydney's shores.

Behind the gleaming glass windows awaits you an assortment of freshly baked homemade Greek pastries, many of which you have barely seen before. We're talking peynerli, tsoureki, and cheeseburger pita. They also mix old and new world with a Greek-inspired Australian Moussaka pie with ground meat, potatoes and eggplant. The sweet options, however, are where the heat really heats up, with chocolate-covered puffs and sparkling baklava cheesecake. We recommend a repeat visit or three to really explore the breadth of the menu.

Mrs Baker Jones

Frenchs Forest, Freshwater og centro comercial Warringah

based on northern beachesmr jonesIt is loved for its dreamy cakes. The delicacies here are made with organic ingredients and no artificial additives, and you'll also find a wide range of individual cakes, petit fours, whole cakes and gluten-free cakes. Fill a box with Victoria Cupcakes, Lamingtons, Salted Caramel Tart, Passion Fruit Cheesecake and more during the weekly Good Samaritan game.

sour baker

many places

sour bakerIt has grown into an empire of 10 locations, eight of which are in Sydney. Baker Cthurmer may be grumpy, but his sourdough is anything but. The Middle Eastern-inspired menu includes traditional shakshuka, Moroccan spiced lamb empanadas and a variety of sandwiches made with slabs of the bakery's sourdough. More than 10 varieties, baked without preservatives and additives. We recommend the toasted garlic and olive bread. Chef's Kiss!

Black Star Pastry

Newtown、Rosebery、Moore Park 和 CDB

The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (14)Black Star PastryIt's best known for its Strawberry Watermelon Cake, which serves more than a million slices a year and, according to its website, is "the most Instagrammed cake in the world." In addition to the super-hyped strawberry and watermelon flavors, Black Star's exquisite cakes include Mirage Chocolate, Raspberry Lychee, Japanese Forest, Vegan Chocolate Popcorn, and Orange Cake with Persian Figs. While these cakes are not for the faint of heart, they also offer a range of classic cakes such as croissants and scones.

greek pastry


Known as "Little Athens",Greek Pastry and Ice Cream BarIt's both a Greek community favorite and a must-stop for Sydney foodies. You'll find this home on busy Illawarra Road. The pastries at Hellenic Patisserie are made in the most traditional way without a trip to Greece. Top picks include flaky galaktoboureko (semolina pies atop filo pastry) and loukoumades (Greek doughnuts drenched in honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon).



"Perfect," David Allison replied when asked what inspired himSTIX"Create the best thing, try to create something new and exciting. Then it's just a fantastic form of customer satisfaction. We love it when customers are impressed."

Blow is right. Since its opening, STIX has been the gateway to STIX Farms on the Hawkesbury River, delivering fresh farm-to-table produce straight to customers' amazed taste buds. The bakery selection is only one part of this renovated Marrickville warehouse, but what an important part it makes up. Light rye and grain sourdough complements the seasonal rotation of dessert cakes like Blackberry Lamington and Grapefruit and Black Sesame Pebbles. Definitely worth a try.

Bourke Street Bakery

many places

The 29 best bakeries in Sydney right now (15)From humble beginnings in Surry Hills,Bourke Street BakeryIt occupies almost all corners of Sydney, with storefronts in 12 locations. Baker Paul Allam and pastry chef David McGuinness opened their first bakery on Bourke Street in 2004, and their success speaks volumes for those who have eaten their products Not surprisingly. Despite the expansion, Organic Sourdough remains one of the best in Sydney, with flavors such as hazelnut and raisin; soy and flaxseed; fig and blueberry; and potato and rosemary (also known as Mr Potato Bread) . hesausage rollsThe lamb and harissa filling; the chicken, pumpkin, pork and fennel are absolutely mouth watering. You can chase the savory with the sweet. We recommend the gingerbread and pudding; lemon ricotta slices, pineapple coconut danish.

look nowBest cinnamon rolls in Sydney.

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