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UM's multidisciplinary collaborations contribute to solving important societal problems within our core research themes. We develop new processes for the production of plastics from organic materials, but we also carry out research on migration and look for methods to win over more people interested in the economic provision necessary for old age. Whenever possible, UM research is translated into economic, financial, or social value. UM participates in centers of excellence, both technological and social, so that scientific discoveries can be quickly translated into practical applications. In addition, research is integrated into education at all levels. Our educational method, Problem-Based Learning, lays the foundation for students to adopt scientific and investigative methods from the first day of their studies.

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Maastricht researchers work in a juxtaposition between the quiet, beautiful old city of Maastricht and the wide range of modern and advanced research facilities and sites spread throughout the city. We work to close the gaps between science and the real world, between scientific disciplines, and between society as it is and society as it should be.

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Data Science @ UM

Huge amounts of data are generated in all areas of society. When harnessed, this data offers an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate scientific discovery, improve health and well-being, and strengthen our communities. Data science is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the scientific methods, systems, and workflows used to derive insights from data.

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STEM Research at UM

Transdisciplinary and sometimes literally crossing borders: this is what characterizes MINT* research at UM, from regenerative medicine and nanobiology to data science and biobased materials. UM scientists seek and find ways to make a difference in the future by working at institutions like MACSBIO, MERLN, M4I, AMIBM, and others. Are you curious about what these acronyms mean?

*In Dutch this is known as 'bèta'

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Maastricht's identity is rooted in its history, its location and what the people who live and work here do best. Maastricht University's research reflects these qualities and focuses on three themes that reflect Maastricht and the Limburg region: quality of life, learning and innovation, and Europe and a globalized world. Some of the issues that fall under these themes are healthy ageing, climate change, demographic changes, sustainability, the impact of technological development, population ageing, healthy and affordable food, and the process of European integration.

For detailed information on Maastricht University's research topics and strategies, see:

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Strategic Program 2022-2026

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are 1

Quality of life

Maastricht is known for its joie de vivre, its joie de vivre. Just as the city and region are increasingly becoming a center of art and culture, culinary diversity, literary achievements, and an annual cycle of festivals, Maastricht University and its partners are also engaged in science, research, and development that improves the quality of life. for people here and abroad. From pioneering medical research and product development to creating a critical mass of artistic and heritage knowledge; From research on information systems that streamlines the citizen process to research dedicated to sustainable societies and innovations for the developing world, we do our part to improve people's lives.

How do you define "quality of life"? How do people function physically, psychologically and socially? As part of this research theme, Maastricht University, for example, will carry out research on demographic developments, including the increasing aging of the population, people's working hours, and rapid technological advances and their applications. The general objective of the researchers is to answer the question: How can we improve the quality of life?

Multidisciplinary research on this topic focuses on "Physical Health','psychological health'mi'wellness and wellness'.

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Sena 2

learning and innovation

The development of scientific knowledge about learning and innovation occupies an important place at Maastricht University. Modern societies demand innovations aimed at the permanent learning of knowledge and skills, with the aim of allowing everyone to develop and use their full potential. The Learning and Innovation theme encompasses all research that deals with the practical, conceptual and theoretical aspects of learning, both in ongoing practices and in innovative teaching and learning practices. From basic research on learning and development processes in the field of (child) neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience and educational psychology to learning in higher education, including our own university, educational and labor economics, to applied research on artificial intelligence in the classroom.

oworks to develop this topic, build new collaborations, and inspire researchers and practitioners to work together on this important topic.

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Sena 3

Europe in a globalized world

As the cradle of the European Union, a border city between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and a crossroads of various languages ​​and cultures, Maastricht is the ideal place to study Europe and its place in the internationalized world. Nearly all UM academic programs have an EU regional or international perspective, and we offer exchange programs and internships around the world. We have established several research institutes specifically dedicated to cross-border issues, and our departments of law and social sciences are at the forefront of research on European law and policy.

The UM has developed several lines of interdisciplinary research on this topic. We examine various aspects of the European Union, including the organization of the EU, Europe's role on the world stage, and the tensions between cultural memory and diversity at the European and international levels.

Political scientists, lawyers, economists, business economists, health scientists, historians and cultural scientists conduct research on the relationship between national (and regional) and "Brussels" governments and European policy and management challenges in a globalized world. The two lines of research at UM are entitled:Europe “beyond Maastricht”miMaastricht "Out of Europe".

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Sena 4

sustainability and circularity

It is becoming increasingly clear that the future of all of us and our planet depends on how we live. There is a growing awareness that we must jointly face the task of promoting sustainable development and prosperity on a broad basis, which is also expressed in the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UM intends to place its research, education, and other activities even more clearly in the context of these SDGs in the future.

Circularity focuses on resource cycles, while sustainability relates more generally to people, the environment, and prosperity. Therefore, this topic is relevant to all faculties and is perfectly related to our social responsibility towards our society and our planet. We approach this topic from a broad and holistic perspective that goes beyond the focus on the use and reuse of materials. With our research (and education) on sustainability and circularity, as well as our appreciation efforts at Brightlands sites, UM is accelerating the transition to a sustainable society with circular solutions.

die task forceSustainable MU 2030works to develop an active research community that connects sustainability across faculties and enables interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary sustainable research. Visit the website ofsustainable researchfor more information on current developments.

UM Research Topics

  • are 1

    Quality of life

  • Sena 2

    learning and innovation

  • Sena 3

    Europe in a globalized world

  • Sena 4

    sustainability and circularity

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Research does not stop at the university gates: our research community works in multidisciplinary teams and in close collaboration with international institutes, companies and industries, striving daily to find ways in which the results of our research can benefit society.

Universities contributing to research publications include:

  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Health, Medicine and Life Sciences*
  • science and engineering
  • ley
  • psychology and neuroscience
  • Faculty of Economics and Business

*Over the course of 2016-2017, the vast research collection of the College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences will be added gradually, starting with the most recent content.

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Maastricht University compiles all its research results for public and academic access and offers not only scientific and professional publications, but also conferences, activities and press content related to UM research.

    Maastricht University Research Publications Website


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      Stem cells help immature lungs on their way

      Tuesday, January 24, 2023

      Children who are born prematurely often have lung problems. Can stem cells help repair your damaged lungs? Biologist Tim Wolfs conducts research with the support oflung fundus(Posterior part of the lungs).

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    • Research - University of Maastricht (14)

      Clinical Research Unit officially inaugurated in Maastricht UMC+

      Tuesday, January 24, 2023

      On January 25, the NUTRIM Clinical Research Unit (CRU), where patient-related research on nutrition and metabolism is carried out, was officially opened at Maastricht UMC+.

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    • Research - University of Maastricht (15)

      Multi-stakeholder ecosystem for the joint creation and evaluation of software for medical devices

      Thursday, January 19, 2023

      The first meeting of the interdisciplinary consortium of the European research project REALM will take place in Maastricht from 19 to 20 January 2023

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    • 30 January 10:00

      On-site doctoral conference Tongle Si

      "Regulation and implementation of public-private partnerships - a comparative analysis...

    • 30 January 10:00
      - 11:00

      On-site conference Tongle Si

      Regulation and implementation of PPPs in infrastructure projects: a comparative analysis of China and...

    • 30 January 16:00

      On-site promotion Sophie Gysan

      "Implementation of strategies and decision making in the Wide Network of MNC"

    HR strategy for researchers (HRS4R)

    Maastricht University is committed to implementing the principles ofEuropean Charter for Researchers and Code of Conductfor the recruitment of researchers through the HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) process.

    The aim is to create an inspiring and stimulating research workplace through HRS4R, culminating in the European Commission's recognition of excellence in human resources in research.

    You can read more in the following documents:

    UM Recruitment and Selection Guide
    HRS4R Confirmation Letter
    Internal evaluation report November 2017
    Unified Messaging Strategy

    For more information please contact usdaphne snacks, Human Resources Advisor


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