Growth, trends and outlook of the premium luggage market from 2023 to 2031 (2023)

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March 30, 2023 (The Expresswire) --Premium Luggage Marketcontain the information of each competitor(Briggs und Riley, Valextra, Samsonite, American Tourister, Bric's, Louis Vuitton, Kipling, Arlo Skye, Smythson, MontBlanc, Genius Pack, Tumi, Rimowa, Hartmann, Globetrotter, Delsey, Victorinox, Lipault)Company Profile, Key Business Information, SWOT Analysis, Price and Gross Margin, Market Share, Retail, Consumer and Retail Industry and Has123 pagesBegin.

“The global premium luggage market has grown from US$ million to US$ million from 2017 to 2022. At a CAGR of this market, it is estimated to reach US$ million by 2029.”

Brief Description of Premium Luggage Market:

Baggage or baggage consists of bags, suitcases, and containers that hold a traveler's items while the traveler is traveling.

The premium luggage market has experienced a US$ million to US$ million growth from 2017 to 2022. With a CAGR of this market, it is estimated to reach US$100 million by 2029.

The report focuses on the Premium Luggage market size, segment size (mainly covering product type, application, and geography), competitive landscape, recent status, and development trends. In addition, the report offers strategies for companies to deal with the threats posed by COVID-19.

Innovation and technological advances will further optimize product performance and enable it to find a broader range of mid-market applications. In addition, analysis of customer preferences, market dynamics (drivers, restraints, opportunities), new product launches, the impact of COVID-19, regional conflicts, and carbon neutrality provide us with crucial information to dig deeper. in the luggage market.

The Premium Luggage market 2023 research is an important process that helps companies to collect and analyze information about their target Premium Luggage market.Customers, Competitors, and Industry Trends.Request a sample report

Here are some key aspects of the premium luggage market 2023-2029: -

Define the research objectives:The first step in the premium luggage market is to define your research objectives. It defines the specific questions that need to be answered and the information that needs to be collected.

Identify the target market: Businesses need to identify their target market for premium luggage and understand their needs, preferences, and behaviors. This may involve segmenting the market based on factors such as demographics, psychographics, and geographic location.

Select research methodology:There are many different premium luggage marketing methods that can be used, such as: B. Surveys, focus groups, and observation surveys. The chosen methodology depends on the objectives of the research and the type of data to be collected.

Collect data:Once the premium luggage market methodology has been chosen, data can be collected using various techniques such as online surveys, telephone interviews, or in-person focus groups. It is important to ensure that the data collected is reliable, valid and representative of the target market.

Analyze the data:Once the data has been collected, it needs to be analyzed to identify trends, patterns and insights. This may involve statistical analysis or qualitative analysis of open responses.

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Draw conclusions and make recommendations:Based on the data analysis, companies can draw conclusions and make recommendations for future actions. This may include changes to product offerings, marketing strategies, or business operations.

Continually monitor and adjust:Markets are constantly changing, so it's important for companies to continually monitor their performance and adjust their strategies as necessary to stay competitive.

Overall, the premium luggage market is an important process that can provide companies with valuable insights and important business decisions.

Major Manufacturers/Major Players/Executive Economists are the Major Players in the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Market:

● Briggs y Riley

● Bonus voucher

● Samsonite

● American tourist

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● bricks

● Louis Vuitton

● Kipling

● Arlo Skye

● Smithson

● Montblanc

● Genius Pack

● Tumi

● Rimowa

● Hartmann

● Globetrotter

● Delsey

● Victorinox

● bandera

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Comprehensive Premium Luggage Market Report

The Global Premium Complete Luggage Market report studies various trends, obstacles, and challenges faced by the key competitors in the Premium Complete Luggage market. The report has been prepared considering the main results and consequences of the market.

The applications covered in the report are:

● Casual luggage bag

● luggage bag

● Business luggage bag

This is based on existing premium baggage market conditions and historical data. The researchers looked at all kinds of data and participants, as well as key players, geological areas, and product types.

The types covered in the report are:

● Trolleys Gerais

● rigid saddlebags

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Why do companies around the world trust us to increase and maintain sales?

Experience in the premium luggage market:Companies may work with other companies that have specific experience or knowledge in an area that the first company does not. Premium Baggage Marketplace Cost Savings: Working with another company can help reduce costs for both parties. Premium luggage market access to the new: Partnering with a company that has a strong presence in a new market can help a company expand its reach and customer base. Innovation in the premium luggage market: Collaboration with other companies may result in the development of new products, services or technologies that can help increase growth and sales. Premium Luggage Marketplace Resources – By partnering with another business, a business can gain access to additional resources, such as finance or talent, that can help them meet their growth and revenue goals.

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Do you like the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

Supply Chain Disruptions:The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine could disrupt supply chains and lead to shortages of goods and materials. This can affect the ability of B2B companies to manufacture and ship products to their customers. Changes in Consumer Behavior: The pandemic has resulted in significant changes in consumer behavior as more and more people shop online and prioritize health and safety. This can lead to changes in demand for certain types of products and services, which can affect the B2B companies that provide those products and services.

Economic uncertainty:The pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could create economic uncertainty, which could affect the willingness of companies to invest in new projects and purchases. This can lead to a slowdown in B2B sales and revenue growth. Political instability: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine could lead to political instability in the region, which could have broader implications for world trade and economic activity. This can pose challenges for B2B companies that rely on international markets and supply chains.


These are the key points in the premium luggage market:

● Find out which industry we predict will change by 2029

● Understand the historical, current, and future prospects of the premium luggage market

● Understand what the premium luggage sales volume, global share, and market growth will be over the next five years.

● Read premium luggage product descriptions along with report scopes and upcoming industry trends.

● Learn about the key growth drivers for the premium luggage industry

● Get a complete analysis of the drivers, risks, opportunities, and restraints for growth of Premium Baggage

● Meet the current and emerging key market players in the Global Premium Bagage space

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Premium Baggage

● What are the important R&D (Research and Development) factors and data ids responsible for increasing market share?

● What are the future investment opportunities in the premium luggage scenario, price trend analysis?

● Which are the most dynamic companies with scope and recent development in the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment market till 2029?

● What market development is expected in the coming years?

● What are the key issues that will affect development, including future revenue projections?

● What are the market opportunities and potential risks associated with IBS treatment, trend analysis?

main index points

main index points

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Global Premium Luggage Market Research Report 2023-2029 by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose of the study
1.2 Market definition
1.3 Scope of the market
1.3.1 Market Segment by Type, Application and Marketing Channel
1.3.2 Major Regions Covered (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa)
1.4 years considered for the study (2017-2029)
1.5 Currency considered (US dollars)
1.6 Interested party

2 Main conclusions of the study

3 Market dynamics
3.1 Drivers of this market
3.2 Factors that challenge the market
3.3 Global Premium Luggage Market Opportunities (Regions, Growing/Emerging Top-Down Market Analysis)
3.4 Technology and Market Development in the Premium Luggage Market
3.5 Industry News by Region
3.6 Regulatory Scenario by Region/Country
3.7 Strategic Recommendations Market Investment Scenario Analysis

4 Premium luggage market value chain

4.1 Situation of the value chain
4.2 Upstream Raw Materials Analysis
4.3 Major Intermediaries Analysis (By Manufacturing Base, By Product Type)
4.4 Distributors/Resellers
4.5 Analysis of the main downstream customers (by region)

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5 Global Premium Luggage Market Segmentation by Type
6 Global Premium Luggage Market Segment by Application

7 Global Premium Luggage Market Segmentation by Marketing Channel
7.1 Traditional Marketing Channel (Offline)
7.2 Online channel

8 profiles of competitive intelligence companies

9 Geographical Segmentation of the Global Premium Luggage Market

9.1 North America
9.2 Europa
9.3 Asia Pacific
9.4 Latin America

9.5 Middle East and Africa

10 Future Forecasts of the Global Premium Luggage Market, 2023-2029

10.1 Global Premium Luggage Market Forecast from 2023 to 2029 Segment by Region
10.2 Global Premium Luggage Production Forecast and Growth Rate by Type (2023-2029)
10.3 Global Premium Luggage Consumption and Forecasted Growth Rate by Application (2023-2029)

11 Appendix
11.1 Methodology
12.2 Source of research data

And more…

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The most important reasons to buy

● To gain insightful market analysis and gain a comprehensive understanding of the global premium luggage market and its business landscape.

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● Evaluation of production processes, key problems and solutions to mitigate development risk.

● To understand the driving and restraining forces that are most affecting the Premium Luggage market and its impact in the global market.

● Learn about the premium luggage market strategies being adopted by leading organizations.

● Understand the future outlook and prospects for the premium luggage market.

● In addition to standard framework reports, we also offer custom surveys according to specific requirements.

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What is the future of the luggage industry? ›

Luggage Market Analysis

The luggage market is projected to register a CAGR of 7.68% during the forecast period. A boom in education opportunities abroad and increasing travel and tourism contribute to escalating luggage demand.

What is the size of the luggage industry market? ›

Revenue in the Luggage & Bags segment amounts to US$177.00bn in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 5.07% (CAGR 2023-2026).

What are the largest luggage companies by market share? ›

About Luggage Bag Market:

The main manufacturers are Samsonite, VIP Industries, VF Corporation, Delsey, Briggs & Riley, Rimowa, Travelpro, Tommy Hilfiger, Victorinox, Olympia, Fox Luggage, Skyway, Traveler's Choice, ACE, Diplomat, EMINENT etc. Samsonite is the largest manufacturer with about 20% market share.

What is the sales of luggage industry? ›

“According to industry estimates, the luggage market — luggage, backpacks, duffel bags and business bags — in India is pegged at Rs 53,000 crore annually. While branded luggage accounts for 25% of these sales, the rest is unbranded,” reported TOI.

What is the future of baggage handling systems? ›

The global airport baggage handling market was worth $5.4bn in 2019 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 0.5% through 2025, according to ResearchAndMarkets' report entitled 'Global Airport Baggage Handling Market, 2021 – Process Automation Post Pandemic to Drive Marginal Growth'.

What is the value of the luggage market? ›

The global suitcase and briefcase market size was estimated at USD 30.0 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 31.04 billion in 2022.


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