Fujitsu Launches "Biological Drug Design Accelerator" Platform to Accelerate Peptide Drug Discovery Research (2023)

Fujitsu Launches "Biological Drug Design Accelerator" Platform to Accelerate Peptide Drug Discovery Research (1)

Facilitate faster, more efficient drug discovery through process visualization and centralized data management

fujitsu co., ltd.

Tokyo, May 18, 2023

Fujitsu today announced the commercial debut of its "Biodrug Design Accelerator," a platform for managing the peptide research process.(1)Drug discovery, considered by many to be the front line for developing new drugs. Fujitsu launched the new platform for pharmaceutical companies in Japan on May 18 and plans to expand the product to global markets in the third quarter of fiscal 2023.

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The Biodrug Design Accelerator will support peptide drug discovery scientists at pharmaceutical companies to accelerate and improve the efficiency of peptide drug development, especially through the "design, manufacture, test, analyze" (DMTA) cycle.(2), ultimately enabling accelerated and informed design of peptide drug candidates, as well as efficient communication between scientists on synthesis and testing. The new platform is also compatible with HELM(3), a method for describing complex biomolecules.

In the future, Fujitsu plans to expand the functionality of the platform to support nucleic acid medical research.(4)and antibody drugs(5).

The development of the platform represents the result of an ongoing collaboration between Fujitsu and PeptiDream Inc. (hereinafter referred to as PeptiDream)(6). PeptiDream supports the development of new drug discovery platforms and the evaluation of their various properties and functions.

Keiichi Masuya, Executive Vice President and Director of PeptiDream Inc. commented:

"We are delighted that the new platform we have developed with Fujitsu will now be available to a wider range of users. We are confident that the new platform will become a truly useful tool in drug discovery by incorporating the various feedback from our researchers who run A true drug discovery project. We expect that many pharmaceutical companies will successfully introduce this platform into their business to realize the full potential of peptide drug discovery. We anticipate that the integration of platform analysis with various advanced technologies will create innovative new drugs in the future. "


Peptide drug discovery requires the expertise and contributions of a diverse team of highly trained individuals, including chemists, biologists, and most recently computer scientists. However, effective collaboration among diverse and highly specialized groups remains a daunting task. Drug designers are often forced to manage data in multiple software environments as they attempt to validate hypotheses with laboratory results, ultimately slowing down the search for successful drug candidates.
To address these inefficiencies and ultimately accelerate the peptide drug design lifecycle, Fujitsu has launched the Biodrug Design Accelerator, a web-based compound design and collaboration platform that enables different scientists at different stages of the drug design lifecycle to integrate data into a single integrated solution.
The platform helps peptide designers visualize the amino acid sequence of each peptide, clearly organizes experimental results and related reference materials, and ultimately facilitates efficient workflow and identification.

Features of the newly developed "Biodrug Design Accelerator" platform

1. Integrate data generated at each stage of the discovery process to achieve centralized management

  • By visualizing the progress of various research processes and managing various data, including candidate peptides, analyzing data(7), and guide peptides in an integrated manner, and link them to different processes, the new platform enables visualization and clear identification of DMTA cycles, thereby improving development efficiency.
  • The platform uses HELM, a method for describing complex biomolecules consisting of approximately 5 to 50 amino acids, and allows the description and management of simulation results.

Fujitsu Launches "Biological Drug Design Accelerator" Platform to Accelerate Peptide Drug Discovery Research (3)Figure 1: Using the new platform

2. User-friendly design and simulation of peptides

  • The new platform allows drug designers to easily edit the amino acid sequences that make up peptide compounds, generating design sets with multiple mutations.
  • Researchers can evaluate peptides by examining multiple simulations, including activity values, physical properties(8)and chemical structures from experiments; the designed lead compounds can then be used in experiments to synthesize peptides, and the results are fed back in a continuous cycle

Fujitsu Launches "Biological Drug Design Accelerator" Platform to Accelerate Peptide Drug Discovery Research (4)Figure 2: Screenshot of the new platform

3. Chat function for discussing team members and knowledge sharing.

  • Integrated chat functionality enables multiple researchers to share, discuss and exchange information in real-time while viewing data; researchers can track shared information and knowledge

future plans

In the future, Fujitsu aims to expand the newly developed platform to the global market and expand its model.(9)In nucleic acid and antibody drugs and peptide drugs. By enabling data analysis and simulation capabilities on the platform, combined with a quantum-inspired "digital annealer" and Fujitsu's "Fujitsu Computing as a Service" (combination of cloud services including AI and HPC technologies), Fujitsu will help improve pharmaceutical companies' Business efficiencies for companies and support for early market introduction of innovative pharmaceutical products.
Under the Virtual Pharma concept, Fujitsu will also attempt to fulfill some of the research functions of pharmaceutical companies, contributing to the creation of innovative medicines.

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Fujitsu's Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations in 2015, represent a set of shared goals for the world to achieve by 2030.
Fujitsu's motto is "Building social trust through innovation to make the world more sustainable," a commitment to contribute to the realization of the vision of a better future called for by the Sustainable Development Goals.

Fujitsu Launches "Biological Drug Design Accelerator" Platform to Accelerate Peptide Drug Discovery Research (5)

The most relevant goal of this project
Fujitsu Launches "Biological Drug Design Accelerator" Platform to Accelerate Peptide Drug Discovery Research (6)


Fujitsu's purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. As the digital transformation partner of choice for clients in more than 100 countries, our 124,000 employees are dedicated to solving some of humanity's greatest challenges. Our range of services and solutions is based on five key technologies: computing, networking, artificial intelligence, data and security, and converged technologies, which we combine to enable sustainable transformation. Fujitsu Ltd. (TSE: 6702) posted consolidated revenue of 3.7 trillion yen ($28 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, and remains the largest digital services company on the Japanese stock market. learn

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fujitsu co., ltd.
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Given:May 18, 2023
City:Tokyo, Japan
company:fujitsu co., ltd.

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