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Resume:The work offline feature in Outlook may be grayed out due to various reasons related to Outlook program, plug-ins or email files on Mac. However, in this case, users are unable to send or receive new emails. This article explains the procedures/steps to troubleshoot the Import/Export feature in Microsoft Outlook email client.


  • Fixed import/export option in Microsoft Outlook email client.
  • Why is the Import Export button grayed out in Microsoft Outlook Mac 10?
  • Solution Methods to Fix Mac Outlook Import/Export Issues
  • What advantages does Stellar Converter for OLM offer users when exporting their emails?
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Email is a fast, simple, cheap and reproducible form of communication. Outlook differentiated itself from the competing email apps it once released due to its advanced features, including enhanced security, a dedicated inbox, on-the-fly sorting, and more. More people have now switched from alternative email programs to Microsoft Outlook. However, just like users of other email clients, Outlook users occasionally encounter problems.

The problem with agingImport and exportThe option is the most common. This problem makes importing and exporting an Outlook data file almost difficult. Accessing emails through different tools and/or email client platforms has become a challenge for users.

Fixed import/export option in Microsoft Outlook email client.

In Microsoft Outlook, many users save their data in OLM file format with Mac Outlook which makes it easy to recover Outlook profile file. PST on Windows and OLM on Mac OS are the file formats used to save emails. EITHERsend receiveThe tab in Outlook allows a user to configure or disable thework offlinePossibility. Prevents Outlook from automatically syncing or updating mailbox folders if it's enabled. By choosing theupdate folderThe option allows users to update folders manually.

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When network access is poor or users don't want to be bothered by frequent messages and pings, the Work Offline option is very useful.

Why is the Import Export button grayed out in Microsoft Outlook Mac 10?

Before consumers find a solution to this problem, they need to know about some possible reasons. Users are advised not to make the same mistake twice and proceed with caution:

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  1. The most likely explanation is that the import/export feature is not available in the demo version that users might be using.
  2. Another possible reason why users cannot use thisGrayed out import/export feature in Outlook on Macis that the administrator has disabled the specific functionality.
  3. The Outlook app has not been updated, causing problems or limitations in running the core functionality of the app.
  4. Although MS Outlook is installed on the non-English language operating system, users are using an English Mac OS.
  5. Additionally, add-ons or add-ons were installed that made the Outlook platform incompatible.
  6. Extremely large or inconsistent OLM file that the platform does not support import/export.
  7. Poor or non-existent internet connection or bandwidth issues.
  8. The Microsoft Outlook platform is being tested, has been compromised by cyberattacks, or has found business logic flaws.

Solution Methods to Fix Mac Outlook Import/Export Issues

Mac Outlook data files are used for the accounts that users set up with the Outlook Connector. Users can implement the following methods to fix the issue:-

Problem 1: Users using the demo version of Microsoft Outlook

Solution steps:

  • The professional version of Outlook needs to be upgraded if users are using the demo version of Outlook. This version is only accessible through bulk licenses. It comes bundled with all other major Microsoft tools/programs like Publisher, Access, OneDrive, OneNote and the like.
  • Make sure the version of Outlook you are using is activated. Users may need to renew their subscription or license if they want to continue using their Outlook email client after it expires. To fix the grayed out work offline feature, enable Microsoft Outlook. To activate Outlook and gain access to all features, including working offline, users can renew their subscription or purchase a new one.
  • Additionally, users are advised to confirm that the email account connected to Microsoft and the account used to purchase the license are linked. Outlook might not enable or allow users to use features if those accounts aren't signed in.

Problem 2 – The Outlook tool was unable to scan a corrupted file.

Solution steps:

  • Users can know how to fix Outlook data file issues which is the most common problem of Outlook 365. Use Scanpst.exe; an inbox repair utility that comes with Outlook.
  • Run Outlook in safe mode to see if untrusted or incompatible add-ins are causing the Work Offline feature to be grayed out. Take the following actions:
    • Outlook must be closed before pressingCommand + R, Outlook.exe /safe zGet into🇧🇷 Outlook starts in safe mode.
    • navigate toFile, Archive>options>additions.
    • in the marked areaAdminister COM add-ons, cliquey.
    • CliqueOKafter disabling all plugins.
    • Restart Outlook as usual.
  • If the issue is resolved, one or more plugins are causing the problem. Follow these steps to determine which plugin is causing the problem:
    • Open a single add-in and open Outlook.
    • If the Work offline option is working, please enable another one and check again.
    • This helps identify and report the problematic plugin.

Issue 3: Microsoft Admin has disabled the Import/Export feature settings

Users may be working in a professional environment and the administrator has disabled the Outlook App Settings Policy. Asking the administrator to fix the problem is the only viable solution.

Problem 4: Microsoft Outlook needs to be updated to the latest version on Mac OS

Solution steps:

  • This problem can often occur when using Outlook at an older or lower version. Users are advised to update their Outlook app to the latest version to fix this issue.
  • Older Outlook clients can also cause certain problems, such as: B. the options to work offline are greyed out. Go toFile, Archive>office accountand choose theupgrade optionsto see if any updates are available.
  • The latest version of Outlook should be checked, updated, and rebooted. To check and update Outlook, open theloaded apple.
  • also searchMac OS-Updates🇧🇷 All pending updates must be downloaded and installed. Check Outlook after system reboot.

Problem 5: Incorrect and/or incompatible language settings in the Outlook and Mac OS tool

Solution steps:

  • This can be attributed to a variety of factors, including language preferences. Microsoft Office has a different language version than Mac OS, which is a mismatch.
  • Set the same language for bothNon-Unicode Programsto fix the issue with the import/export option disabled. To do this, perform the following actions:
    • OpenSwitchboardoutsideStart.
    • select from listDate, time, language and regionsections.
    • chooseRegion and languagemake menu.
    • Go toadvanced tabon this opened page and select the locale that most closely matches the installed version of Outlook.
    • ChooseLanguagewhat corresponds toNon-Unicode Programsand pressureOK.
  • Open Outlook to see if this approach to exporting emails from Outlook works. If users are still unable to download Outlook emails, use theStellar Converter for OLM filesto automate the process. When it comes to exporting emails from an account, this program is the real deal.

Problem 6: Connection problems between the Internet line of the ISP and the Microsoft Mail Exchange Server

Solution steps:

  • Outlook users may also have difficulty shutting down or returning to online mode due to network issues. Therefore, users must ensure that the system is online and has a working network connection. Mailbox servers are occasionally unavailable due to outages or scheduled maintenance. In this situation, users need to make sure that their computers are online and no firewall or antivirus software is preventing Outlook processes from running.
  • Users can access the email account by opening it in their web browser(s). If the page doesn't load, the server is probably down for maintenance. Users are advised to wait in this situation and try again later. Talk to your administrator if it still doesn't work.
  • However, if the website loads but users can't log in, check the credentials. If users just changed their password, try the old password and the new one during login.

How beneficial is it to use software instead of relying on manual methods?

Incompatible add-ins, OLM files, or deletion of the Mailbox server user account can cause the Outlook Work Offline feature to appear greyed out. When Work Offline is disabled, users cannot switch between offline and online modes, preventing them from sending or receiving new email. Users should follow the tips in this post to fix the issue quickly.

Alternatively, users are advised to use theStellar to OLM ConverterTool to convert OLM to PST format when Work Offline option is greyed out. This program can also help users export email items from large, inaccessible or orphaned OLM files, allowing them to be saved to OLM files or directly exported to an active Office 365 account.

What advantages does Stellar Converter for OLM offer users when exporting their emails?

Paso 1:ActivateStellar to OLM Converter. nolarTab on the top ribbon, selectOutlook-OLM🇧🇷 A pop-up window will open for the user to select the OLM file for conversion.

(Video) How to Fix "Import/Export Option Greyed Out in Outlook" Error | Updated 2023

Paso 2:Users can clickSearchto find the location of the OLM file. Users can also chooseMeetto examine the OLM file if its location is unknown. To start exporting emails to OLM format, clickConverter.

Level 3:The OLM file is converted by the program. The size of the OLM determines the expected turnaround time.

Paso 4:After conversion, the program shows a glimpse of Outlook mailbox folders and deleted items (in red) in the left pane. By selecting specific folders, users canSearchmichoosemailbox content.

Paso 5:click notsave converted fileoption under thelartab after selecting the appropriate folders for conversion. After extracting the mailbox data, a pop-up appears with a list of file types. clickSearch, selectOLM🇧🇷 To save mailbox items, clickOK.

Paso 6:The progress bar shows how the file saving process is progressing. To cancel the process entirely, clickPar.

Paso 7:The converted OLM to PST file will be saved in the specified location. To complete the conversion process, clickOK.


The blog article describes various methods to fix the disabled functionality of the import/export feature in the Microsoft Outlook email client. Users are also recommended to implement various solutions to fix the issue. Certain manual methods to fix errors and export emails from Outlook help users to perform their tasks smoothly. However, when users are short on time or unable to manually resolve the issue, it is helpful to use an automated tool. Therefore, it is recommended and advisable to use a third-party service.OLM to PST Converterlike Stellar Converter for OLM files to download all emails from account to computer locally.

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