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we accept thosecommon applicationit's himKoalitionsantrag, Desenvolvido por Cecoir🇧🇷 Both are treated equally by the Admissions Committee. Please complete and submit your documents as soon as possible to ensure your application is fully reviewed in a timely manner. If you use general application, you must submit your application before your supporting materials (high school report card, teacher report cards, etc.) can be turned in to a university. Until you submit your own application sections, no part of your application will be submitted to the Harvard Admissions Office.

Submitting your request

  • After submitting your application, we will send you a confirmation email with a PIN to access the Candidate Portal. We begin sending these daily enrollment confirmation emails in mid-September each year. Most applicants will receive their confirmation email within the day of submitting their online application. Mail order requests take up to two weeks to process.

    If you have not received your confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folder for messages from or

    If you've searched your inbox and still can't find your confirmation email, we recommend that you check the subscription system you're using and make sure you hit 'submit' and not just 'save'.

    If you still cannot find your registration confirmation email, pleasecontact us🇧🇷 Select the "Admissions" category and then the subject "Candidate Questions (If You Have Already Submitted Your Application)" from the drop-down menu or call 617-495-1551.

  • You may pay your application fee online by credit card on the Common Application or Coalition Application websites provided by Scoir.

    You may also send a check or money order to Harvard College Admissions, 86 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Please provide the applicant's name at check-out.

    Waiver of Fees:We are committed to making the application process accessible to all students. If the application fee is difficult for you or your family, the fee will not be charged.Follow these instructions to claim your fee waiver.The fee waiver request will not penalize your request in any way.

  • Complete Harvard questions with Common Application or Coalition Application powered by Scoir.

Additional questions about the app

  • All Harvard College applicants are screened very carefully, and homeschooled applicants are treated the same as all other applicants. There is no specific procedure, but any relevant information about your education and personal history is welcome. In addition to the application, all applicants must submit a transcript (you can prepare your own) and recommendations. If the application fee is an issue for your family,just request fee waiver.

    Hear from home-schooled Harvard students in the Harvard Gazette article.Homeschooled en route to Harvard.'

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  • Please do not resubmit your application to receive updates. If you need to update your identification or contact information, or send updates, additional information or corrections, please do so viacandidate portal.

  • Be absolutely correct in your application documents. If we discover incorrect information during the admission process, your admission will be denied. If you have already been admitted, your offer will normally be withdrawn. If you have already enrolled, your admission will usually be revoked and you will have to leave the university. Harvard revokes degrees when false information is discovered in application documents.

    Determining that an application is inaccurate or contains false information is the sole responsibility of the Admissions Department and will be decided outside of the student's disciplinary process.

School reports and teacher recommendations

Mid-year school report.

When you apply, the school counselor will usually send you your transcript with little or no grades from your senior year. For this reason, the mid-year report is required so that we can verify your performance in the first half of your thesis..The semester report must be completed by the school counselor or other school official. Request that the mid-year report be completed and returned to our office as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about the semiannual newsletter

  • Applicants for early restrictive measures do not need to submit the mid-year report before November 1st. If you requested a restrictive advance action and it was postponed for regular decision, please submit the midyear report and transcript in February or as soon as your midyear notes are available.

  • If you are studying the IB program or the A Level program, we expect your school to send you future grades based on your current classwork and the results of any internal or mock exams you have taken up to that point. If your school does not issue official or projected midterm grades for your senior year, you do not need to submit the midyear report form, although the item may remain on your checklist.

  • If you already have a high school diploma, skip the mid-year report requirement (although the item may remain on the candidate portal checklist) and just ask your school to send you a report card if they don't already have one. done.

teacher qualifications

Ask two professors you know well in different academic disciplines to complete the teacher evaluation forms. If you would like to submit additional letters of recommendation, you can do so after submitting your application. Your order confirmation email contains a personalized link that you can send to your referrer.

  • There is no single rule about which curriculum to study during high school. Students must challenge themselves by taking courses that their professors and advisors feel are appropriate. But some students believe that "more is always better" when it comes to AP, IB or other advanced courses.

    While some students thrive academically and personally by taking a large number of these courses, others benefit from a more balanced approach that allows additional time for extracurricular and personal development. Even the best students can be negatively affected by taking too many courses at once and may instead benefit from writing, reading, or researching projects on topics of great interest to them.

    To learn more, read our college prep guide. To avoid the "burnout" common among high school students, read our articleTime Out or Burn Out for the next generation.

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  • Harvard applicants must excel in a challenging high school math sequence that aligns with their interests and educational goals. Rigorous and relevant courses in data science, computer science, statistics, mathematical modeling, calculus and other advanced math courses are also considered in the application process.

    Specifically, calculus is not a requirement or preference for admission to Harvard. We understand that many students do not intend to take university courses that require calculus skills and that other students are uncertain about their future university studies. We also understand that not all students have the same opportunities to take certain high school math courses, including calculus. Therefore, we encourage candidates to follow the mathematical paths available to them and adapted to their interests and objectives.

    Students who intend to study engineering, computer science, physics or other areas that require knowledge of calculus can benefit from studying math in high school. Applicants who did not take calculus in high school can still pursue these majors here by starting one of Harvard's introductory calculus courses, which have no high school calculus requirements.

    We expect high schools to offer a variety of math courses that focus on conceptual understanding, promote higher-order thinking, and encourage students to use mathematical arguments to critically examine the world. We recognize that the traditional path to analysis is not the only path, or even the best path, to achieve this goal. Therefore, we encourage secondary schools, counselors, teachers, and students to explore other avenues through mathematics that better support student learning, growth, and success.

Certificate of completion of studies and certificates

All admitted students who choose to enroll must submit a completion report and transcript as soon as their final grades are available, no later than July 1. The final report and transcript must be completed and submitted by a school counselor or other school official through Parchment/Docufide or Scrip-Safe International if your school has access to these submission options.

IB students must submit their final results as soon as they are published in mid-July. We expect to see the final A-level results in mid-August.

Standardized test results

For college classes of 2027-2030, students may apply for admission without standardized test scores. Pleaseread our adfor more details on application changes for upcoming cycles.

If you want to take standardized tests, you can take the SAT or the ACT (with or without the writing component).Although the College Board no longer offers subject tests and they are not an application requirement, you may submit subject tests taken within the past 5 years. If you want to submit subject tests, it makes more sense to select just one math test instead of two. If your native language is not English, a subject test in your native language may not be as helpful.

Frequently asked questions about standardized tests

  • When you apply, you can choose whether or not you want our analysis of your application to include your standardized test scores (SAT and ACT).

    • If your results are already available prior to your application and you choose to continue with no results at the time of your application, we will not consider those results.
    • If you initially decided to take an application test without grades and now want to add grades to your file, you can make this request by submitting the "Change to take test results into account" form on the Candidate Portal.
    • If you request that our assessment include your results, either at the time of application or after submitting the form on the candidate portal, they will form part of your application throughout the admission process.
  • Yup. Candidates may provide self-reported SAT and ACT test scores (including subject tests, Advanced Placement, IB, etc.). Admitted students who choose to enroll at Harvard College must provide official test scores.

  • You are free to use the College Board Score Choice or a similar option offered by the ACT. Our official codes are 3434 for the College Board SAT Reasoning tests and 1840 for the ACT if you submit official test scores as part of your application.

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  • There are no score limits and we don't support "by the numbers". For the ACT, we evaluate your highest composite score and any other scores you choose to share with us. We take your educational background into account when checking your results.

  • The chances of preparing for standardized tests are very different for students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Research shows that short-term test prep often has little effect, but the free "test prep" now offered by the SAT and ACT can make a significant difference for students who follow their programs for longer periods of time. These free programs can help level the playing field for low-income school students, giving them academic skills that will serve them well on standardized tests as well as in college. Students can also do well if they study broadly and deeply over a long period of time with the help of families, schools, or community organizations.

  • Standardized tests provide a rough measure of what a student has learned over time and how well they might do academically in college, but they are just one of many factors considered. High school grades in a rigorous academic program can also be helpful in assessing suitability for college courses, but the thousands of high schools across the country and around the world use different high school curricula and a wide range of grading systems, and some do not award grades. Worldwide. Other students were homeschooled or prepared for college by participating in various school opportunities, both in person and electronically.

    Given the wide disparity in how students prepare for Harvard and the fact that most applicants and admitted students have excellent academic records, it is difficult to use high school grades to distinguish between individual applications. That doesn't mean high school grades aren't important. Students entering Harvard do well every day in their high school studies and lay a critical foundation for academic success in college, including a 97-98% graduation rate.

    The SAT and ACT are better predictors of Harvard scores than high school scores, but this can vary greatly from person to person. Students who have not attended well-resourced schools throughout their lives, who come from modest economic backgrounds, or who come from first-generation college-age families generally have fewer opportunities to prepare for standardized tests. Each Harvard application is handled with great care, keeping in mind that talent is everywhere, but opportunity and access are not.

  • As announced by the College Board, subject tests and the writing portion of the SAT have been canceled except under certain special circumstances. see theCollege Board Communiquéfor more details. Harvard admissions officers review all materials submitted by an applicant. So, if you've already completed the subject tests or the writing portion of the SAT, you can still submit them along with your other application documents.

  • The decision whether or not to submit test scores is a personal decision for each candidate. There are many reasons why students don't submit test scores, including cost. In general, however, anything that can give a fuller or more positive picture of a candidate can help. Additionally, if you feel that your test scores do not fully reflect your strengths, perhaps due to a lack of resources at your school or limited opportunities to prepare or take tests, you can note this on your application to provide context. There are no cuts and we don't support "by the numbers".

  • Because Harvard College does not require applicants to submit standardized test results to theBid cycles 2022-2026, your standardized results will not appear in the PDF preview of the shared app, even if you choose to send them. However, if you have entered your test results and wish to have them taken into account, this data will be sent to us with your application and we will review it. You can verify this by referring to the application checklist on the Candidate Portal. You will see a green checkmark when we receive your standardized test results.

  • The College Board's decision to provide the SAT digitally will not affect how Harvard analyzes test scores on applications. For college classes of 2027-2030, students may apply for admission without standardized test scores. Students who do not submit standardized test scores will not be disadvantaged in their application process.Visit the College Board FAQfor more information

Supplementary Materials

Our standard application documents generally provide us with complete information to make admissions decisions. However, we recognize that you may have truly exceptional talents or achievements that you would like to share, and we want you to have every opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light.

At the Admissions Committee's discretion, faculty may review additional materials such as recorded music, artwork, or selected examples of scholarly work. These materials are completely optional.

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types of materials

  • Scientific articles, research papers, creative writing or other documents of which you are the primary author must be submitted to the Upload Materials section ofcandidate portal🇧🇷 This is the most efficient and straightforward way to submit these materials as they will be directly added to your official application. All submissions must include a list of everyone you worked with in producing the work. If applicable, list your research sponsor, mentor and/or laboratory or research group leader and briefly describe their specific contribution to the work.

  • Optionally, you may transmit additional multimedia materials (e.g. videos, sound recordings or images) electronicallydiary🇧🇷 Details of entries in the areas of art, dance or choreography, music performance or composition can be found on the Slideroom website. There is a small deposit fee, but if this fee causes you financial hardship, you can request a fee waiver at the time of filing. You can also contact us to request a fee waiver.

  • Harvard will accept other standardized tests or other academic credentials if you choose to submit them. The additional information can be helpful in any approval process. For example, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, A-Levels, National Final Exams, National or International Competitions, initial high school assessment scores such as PSAT or Pre-ACT, or courses taken outside your school during the school year or summer are just a few examples of the information that can be sent. The subject tests and the writing portion of the SAT have been canceled except under certain special circumstances. Harvard admissions officers review all materials submitted by an applicant. If you've already completed the subject tests or the writing portion of the SAT, you can still submit these along with your other application documents.

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