30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (2023)

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December 29, 2022

30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (1)

breakfast. Food of Champions, caffeine's unofficial companion, food is so much better when you don't drink coffee.

The streets of Sydney are filled with delicious breakfast options, whether it's takeaway toast in the CBD, waterfront houseboats on Sydney's gleaming northern beaches or roadside cafes serving some of the best coffee in the world. Western Sydney In fact, we have a lot of options. So, to help you navigate Sydney's endless list of delicious breakfast options, we've rounded up the best of the best.

Read on to find out where to find the best breakfast in Sydney.

Best breakfast in North Sydney

Goodfield Restaurant

lime tree field

30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (2)We're fans of a good vibe, and even fans of the food that this place feels better about. Located in the heart of Lindfield,Goodfield RestaurantThis is a local staple. Behind this leafy corner you'll find father and son duo George and Anthony Karnasiotis (ex-The Butcher's Block), who have pretty much put together this gem of a place to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney. The most iconic breakfast here is undoubtedly the buttery toasted lobster tail on seedless bread, topped with a poached egg and homemade crustacean hollandaise sauce. For something a little sweeter, you can't miss the pancakes with homemade passion fruit pulp, blueberries, toasted coconut and vanilla creme fraiche.

sometimes coffee

Ryde West

No cafe is as beautiful and rustic as this one in West Rydesometimes coffee.This pet-friendly residence is covered in lush greenery, colored lights, antique furniture and showcases an unrivaled open courtyard. The café is a breakfast lover's dream, with all-day itineraries featuring staples like hearty Belgian breakfasts, pancakes, Monaco French toast (with pineapple, banana, passion fruit, and maple syrup), and good eggs on toast. , bacon, egg, and potato rolls, and gritty breakfast rolls with ketchup and ketchup.

Dachshund Cafe

hunter mountain

this is the dealDaxiong CafeMakes a breakfast muffin so delicious you'll want to order two to enjoy the moment again. The king of whole food ingredients, plant-based foods, and great coffee, this breakfast haven is the Holy Trinity of any morning ritual. Morning bread looks like a halloumi, egg, and chipotle creation, but you'll also want to bypass the dedicated toast menu (pecan butter, feta, and hummus or miso-tahini with toppings) , and there’s even a “Puppy” menu. Also. To wash it down, there's a selection of smoothies and iced teas, as well as kombucha and Simon Says cold-pressed juices.

shot in the army


30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (3)for the hungriestshot in the armyIt's pretty much one of the best breakfast cafes in Sydney. The menu isn't fussy at all, but it offers layers, including French toast, eggs benedict, shakshuka, and burritos piled high with scrambled eggs, avocado, and a balsamic glaze. As for the Irish breakfast, it is a large sandwich with bacon cubes, sausage, black pudding, baked beans, roasted tomato, mushrooms, eggs, yeast and butter.

gram coffee and pancakes


gram pancakes, the iconic chain is known for creating the best soufflé in Tokyo and is a must-see for the best breakfast in Sydney. These guys are so serious about the cloudy consistency of their pancakes that they sent the brand's executive chef to Sydney to teach the intricacies of pancake-making. Its ultra-light, melt-in-your-mouth texture is achieved with a whipped egg white batter, then steamed until golden brown under a metal dome. Matcha tiramisu pancakes and chocolate banana french toast are on the menu. There's also a secret delicious option that most people don't see. Enter pancakes Benedict. Served with two fried eggs, double smoked bacon, cheese, and hollandaise sauce, these three-layer pancakes are so delicious you'll drink them like water.

Best breakfast in Sydney's northern beaches


Dee Why, Warringah Mall, Manly, Avalon

From beautiful interiors to healthy gourmet creations, there's really nothing likebeltUnderlying everything here is a sense of sustainability: Girdlers is a stronghold of local suppliers, blending coffee with eco-friendly packaging and an all-organic approach (free of pesticides, herbicides, and pretty much every nasty chemical). "Holy Avo" is a staple of avocado, crispy kale, grilled halloumi, fresh herbs, organic poached eggs, and cape verde salsa, all on rye sourdough (you can also opt for a grain-free whole-grain free gluten bread).

Ocean of Narratives

Narrabeen Beach

A stone's throw from the sparkling waves of Narrabeen Beach,Ocean of NarrativesThis is something very real and you need to take care of your soul with it. Complementing the moody restaurant and funky bar, this industrial-style café is the ultimate in hipster style, complete with big wooden tables and Edison bulbs, and plenty of outdoor seating for those who like to take a break and move on. With hearty breakfast burgers, wraps, huevos rancheros, corn fritters, acai bowls and bircher muesli, there's something for every taste bud here.

Beach Cafe and Grocery Store

church point

30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (4)Having the everlasting Christmas spirit is a lovely thing when it comes toBeach Cafe and Grocery StoreAt Church Point, that's exactly what you can expect. This waterfront emporium with its fresh seafood and stunning views is easily one of Sydney's prettiest breakfast spots. The menu is nothing less than a breakfast bible, including a variety of dishes, pastries, mocktails, cocktails, coffee and fresh juices. But if we had to choose an aspect, you couldn't do without breakfast tacos, a plate of deconstructed flour tortillas, organic scrambled eggs, corn and tomato salad, avocado, grilled chorizo, brie cheese, and pickled jalapenos. .

Best breakfast in Sydney's Inner West



A cozy café by day and a casual Italian restaurant by night.BazniRun by owner and head chef Damian Krigstein, it has been a success in every way. For early risers, know that Bar Zini has one of the best bacon and egg rolls in Sydney, topped with sriracha mayonnaise, cavolo nero and provolone, and it's delicious. Elsewhere on the menu, scrambled eggs, sausage and hot sauce, Meredith goat cheese, fresh avocado and Sonoma sourdough.

little giant


It would be sacrilege not to includeHomeDonuts, rainbow bagels and buttered toast. A favorite at this corner café has always been the brioche toast, served with a generous dose of strawberries, mixed berries, Canadian maple, salted caramel, mascarpone cheese and Persian cashmere. There's also plenty of daily baked homemade muffins, toast, bagels and an oven-baked fondue with slow-cooked tomato sauce, mushrooms, feta Danish and two eggs in a cast iron skillet.

hot tub


30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (5)open from 7 all days of the week,hot tubThis is one of those small cafeterias that serve cod roe omelette and tonjirus soup for breakfast. Japanese comfort food above all else, you'd be hard-pressed to find another place in Sydney that delivers a morning experience like the staff here. Order Japanese-style seaweed butter white toast, or enjoy grilled salmon porridge live. The coffee comes from Kurumac's sister shop Kirribilli's iconic Cool Mac Cafe.

two heads


This self-made café and bakery needs no introduction.two headsIt has an extensive pastry menu and its own sourdough bakery. The garage-style eatery cooks quinoa porridge with salted cinnamon dates, sticky apple toast with lemon myrtle, and mushroom soup with caramelized lilies and pickled shiitake. You'll also want to look out for the hash browns: they're served with cime de rapa, Brussels sprouts, two poached eggs and Two Chap's famous green goddess sauce.

Best breakfast in Western Sydney

coffee and company


30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (6)Home of Sydney's iconic three-tiered Lotus Biscoff pancake, let's just say 'bigger is better' for breakfast here. There are no plates that aren't turbo so you can expect to fill your jeans nicelyThis isBreakfast set. Eat the rainbow and indulge in a big breakfast with all the toppings (avocado, bacon, sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, tomato and sourdough) or drink it with melted biscoff, hot milk, white milk Big Tower of Pancakes. Chocolate vanilla ice cream, you know, just in case.

about delivery


it goes without sayingabout deliveryThis is one of the best places to have breakfast in Sydney. With a menu heavily influenced by Middle Eastern flavours, the quirky vibe has been strong since 2010, thanks to the legend of Aykut Sayan. The idea was that the cafe should echo the classic style of Melbourne's backstreets and be made from a lot of recycled materials and products. Now, Circa Espresso is known for whipping scrambled eggs, sujak, tomato and pepper sauce over homemade focaccia and chili-scrambled broccoli.

Best breakfast in Sydney's eastern suburbs


double bay

This isCaffeinated double bay leaf has been curing hangovers, bonding with old friends and often providing good times longer than we can remember. For 16 years, the institution has brought just a fraction of the Cote d'Azur to Sydney's eastern suburbs, offering al fresco dining, daytime cocktails and a strict menu dedicated to small boutique producers and local businesses and suppliers. Bread and pastries are sourced from St Malo and Italpane, made on site, and there's an extensive gluten-free selection on the shelves. The shining star of the menu is mushroom bruschetta, a savory delight served with poached eggs, goat cheese, basil oil, fried shallots and parsley on rustic white toast.

small kitchen

take it

Owned and run by husband and wife duo Neil and Amy Thompson,small kitchenIt is a family run business that serves breakfast using products from local and organic producers. It's a local staple that produces amazing Whole Foods, and while the team here are open to all the staples, breakfast is where they make their name. Hot smoked king salmon with dill yoghurt, fennel, pickles and two creamy scrambled eggs is a crowd favorite. The blood pudding sausage is another winner on the menu, served with hash browns, maple bacon jam, tomato sauce and fried eggs.

Stock and Barrel Smoked Salmon


30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (7)as if it happened in a previous lifeStock and Barrel Smoked SalmonHe started out baking, marinating, slow cooking and marinating in the back streets of Bondi. For 13 years, Euro-deli has been serving up Jewish comfort food, all prepared using artisan craftsmanship and old-school techniques, and the team here know how to tantalize your taste buds when it comes to your breakfast snack. From fresh-baked bagels (egg and herb mayonnaise, lox, chopped liver, and The Reuben) to bowls with sprouted falafel and jalapeños all adorned, let's just say you'll want to order your own way through the entire menu.

balcony and living room


undeniableThis is the hallmark of North Bondi. Run by locals Sammy Smith, Sarah Hendriks Smith, Ljuobo Milicevic and Patrick Coleman, the seaside institution has stood proudly on sunny Ramsgate Avenue for over a decade. Overlooking Sydney's Bondi Beach, Porch and Parlor is more an artist's studio than a café. There's plenty to dig here, including turmeric omelette, pea pancakes and pickle toast.

Best breakfast in central Sydney

Suzette Crepes


If you're looking for a great little girl in Sydney, you can't go wrong with golden goodness hereSuzette Crepes.The menu features a variety of savory and sweet pancakes and squares inspired by the nostalgia of a Parisian night, all in all a delicious adventure. In the form of sweet crepes, it would be remiss not to be dipped in limoncello (lemon and sugar) or pomme cannelle (poached apples and cinnamon). For a grittier flat cake, the classic is a good choice, filled with a gooey ham, cheese and egg filling.



Sandojicis a neighborhood cafe and sandwich bar in Darlinghurst that serves street-style Japanese food using premium ingredients from Japan and sustainable local produce from Australia. Known for their $150 retro Kobe Wagyu sandwiches and epic tonkatsu sandwiches, there's also an Egg Hero worth a visit. This guy is loaded with stock, kelp butter, and silky scrambled eggs, all served on thick-sliced ​​white bread.

Rig Tacos


30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (8)Like most good things in Sydney,Row of TacosIt started as a food truck. When lockdown came, the team was able to find a window in Sydney that was worth their delivery effort and Ricos Tacos was officially born. You'll find this one-stop shop at 15 Meagher Street in Chippendale, which serves delicious hash browns for breakfast tacos from 8am to 5pm. m from Thursday to Sunday. Tacos look like sausage and eggs, veggies and eggs, steak and eggs combos, and you can order filter coffee and lemon myrtle iced tea.

Best breakfast in South Sydney

they spend


if you passthey spend, you might miss it. This no-BS takeout sandwich sandwiched between an auto repair shop and a paving company may seem subtle on the surface, but the menu is anything but. If sandos are your thing all day long, then Kosta's is your go-to. The team here is there early in the week (Saturdays at 7) and is the place to go when you need a snack on the go. While the focus is on sandwiches, you'll also find English muffins with eggs, cheese and BBQ sauce, pasta, bacon and omelets, mashed avocado, smoothies, juices and Veneziano cold brew coffee.

blackwood pantry

I plan

30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (9)blackwood pantryHere's a baby meal from three colleagues from The Shire, inspired by some of the best cuisine in the world. Using our favorite three words "all-day menu," Chef Rob Lechowicz has prepared quality offerings to suit every taste. Of particular note is the scrambled eggs with truffle chilli pea puree, lemon whipped goat cheese, cucumber mint and crispy shallots for a melt-in-your-mouth explosion of spicy crunch.

Bellady's Cafe

no problem

This isRich Pancake Cafe is just steps away from the water's edge and offers some food that's definitely worth trying. Offering an all-day breakfast menu (so late afternoon pancakes are definitely on the cards), along with amazing burgers and monster salads, this is a must-have on your bucket list. For food lovers. We recommend going for the unicorn pancakes, complete with fairytale unicorn manes. For those who love all the staples, you'll want to try the acai bowl or the Florentine panini.

Best breakfast in Sydney


Darlinghurst、Bondi、Double Bay 和 Surry Hills

billThis is a breakfast establishment. Here, the menu is fresh, seasonal and full of flavour. bills is the perfect place for a restorative breakfast, a long lunch or in some places even a romantic dinner. But we think the price of breakfast here is a winner. Classics like sweet corn fritters, perfectly scrambled eggs, grilled cheese toast and green pickles and cream cheese, beetroot and herb salad with sourdough are top picks. Do you have a sweet tooth? You can't go wrong with delicious Honeycomb Butter Banana Ricotta Pancakes.


Surry Hills, Parramatta, Chatswood

butterIt might be your go-to spot for fried chicken, sneakers, and a Hennessy, but a few recent offerings have earned it a spot on this list of the best breakfasts. While not all heroes wear capes, we think Butter's head chef Julian Cincotta's breakfast is so delicious it would be a sin not to try it. Their latest concoction, the aptly named "Egg Thot Muffin," is a thick dollop of fat, salt and butter inspired by Macca's signature sausage and egg McMuffins. A rotating special, the pile is currently made with smoked chicken sausage, silky scrambled eggs, sombrero onion marmalade, delicious chili mayonnaise, cheese and This Is Us sourdough English muffins. We mean, how could you go wrong?

Devon Cafe

Barangaroo and North Sydney

30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (10)Devon CafeIt's garnered a cult following for its unique take on the classic toast and an interior so bright and fun that it's impossible to take a bad photo of the 'Gram. From its humble beginnings in Sydney's (now closed) Surry Hills food precinct, Devon Cafe has spread the smooth influence of its Japanese omelette and coconut jam toast. The signature dish here has always been the ghetto-style omelette (her words, not ours) stuffed with lobster meat, bisque béchamel, caviar and fine herbs.


Bondi, Elizabeth Bay, Chatswood and Surry Hills

For an absolute no-brainer on our ultimate list of the best breakfasts in Sydney, visitShookRun by Yoni Kalfus, Erez Beker, Ariel Hefer and German Sanchez, the restaurant's cuisine is directly influenced by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, so you can sample some of Sydney's best shakshuka (vegetarian options are also available). ). Beyond that, you’ll find a rich bowl of sabich filled with colorful goodies including falafel, tahini, smoked eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, Israeli salad, radishes, and pickled carrots. For a sweeter breakfast, teff pancakes will have you dipped in a mound of ricotta, bananas, berries, sweet duca and maple syrup.

three mallard ducks

Rose Bronte

30 of Sydney's best breakfasts to try in 2022 (11)It's crazy that what started as a humble cafe in Bronte eight years ago has grown into an industry-wide commitment to buying local and ethical produce.three mallard ducksA model of conscious consumption in the hospitality industry. For breakfast, that means you get a very healthy breakfast, including toasted sourdough bread with sourdough butter, corn fritters with pumpkin hummus and braised cabbage, rainbow bowls, and organic acacia seed oatmeal with pecan nuts Praline. .Our recommendation, however, has to be the Fried Crab, which looks like the perfect combination of papaya, bean sprouts, homemade Sriracha and cashews.

ASLAN Coffee Roasters

saint peter and the rock

If you're the type of person who likes to start your day with a proper cup of Joe, you've probably heard of theASLAN Coffee Roasters.This coffee mecca has been roasting in St. Louis since 2011. Peters delves into the bold flavors of coffee beans from different parts of the Indonesian archipelago (with a focus on transparency throughout their supply chain). The coffee beans here are roasted once every Saturday, with a 7-day rest period, allowing you to taste the flavor to the maximum.

For even more ways to start your day, check out this massive listSydney's best cafes.

Billedkredit: Gram Pancakes, Goodfield's Eatery, Shot On Military, Kurumac, Caffe & Co, Mike Eggert, Lox Stock & Barrel, Rico's Tacos, Blackwood Pantry, Devon Cafe, Three Blue Ducks

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