23 of Perth's best bakeries to visit in 2023 (2023)

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May 20, 2023

Whether you're looking for delicious sourdough or luscious muffins, Perth's best bakeries and pastry shops have you covered.

We've been a bit of a bakers' rebellion in recent years. With so many new stores opening, we thought it was time to take stock of all the great bakeries around Perth so you can get your next carb fix.

Here you'll find Perth's best bakeries and bakeries.


it comes from perth

Talented baker Natasha Brownfield has been quietly churning out some of Perth's best cakes in kitchens and pop-up shops across Perth. Now, he finally has his own brick-and-mortar store where you can buy his delicious treats. What a lovely place. The charming corner shop sells cakes, croissants and other baked goods, as well as TwinPeaks coffee.whipperOpen Saturday 9am-2pm or until sold out, cakes available by pre-order Wednesday-Sunday.

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cheese coffee

perth vest

They say good things come in small packages, and boy is that true at this new cafe and bakery in Cleaver Stin West Perth. Introduced by the former baker at Mary Street Bakery,cheese coffeeIt serves freshly baked cakes and breads that are too good to pass up. If you're a fan of Cinny rolls, let us introduce you to Cheerio's Cinnamon Rolls - it's a game changer.

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butter crumbs


Cake connoisseurs have left since they closed their Inglewood store with the promise of bigger and better thingsbutter crumbsThey're finally back at their new location in Mount Lawley. In this new store, they've made more classic desserts - think: Basque cheesecake, banana coffee pie and strawberry shortcake - as well as everyone's favorite flavors, as well as a new range of desserts, sandwiches and coffees . Their menu changes seasonally, so when they pull out your favorite dishes, be sure to try your best.

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wienerbrød W.H.I.P.


perth's firstplant-based patisserieJust landed in Inglewood. The new business comes from Cédric Manile (ex-Wildflower, ex-Post), the French pastry chef behind the beloved W.H.I.P Patisserie desserts you couldn't get until now. You must prepare unique and appetizing baked goods to go withLactose intolerant and vegan, all with the best French pastry techniques. After wiping cornmeal crumbs from lips, wash them down with Majestea's handcrafted teas, Refresh Juices and Kommunity Brew Kombucha.


east of leadville

If West Leedy can't calm down,bakeryhas arrived on Oxford Street with some of the most delicious gram cakes you won't be able to resist. the best part? They are open every day of the week from 7:00am to 5:00pm. 2 p.m., which means you never have to leave their product (excuse the pun).

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daily bread


Willaj scored high at the timedaily breadMoved into an old 24 hour deli and started making the best sourdough and fougase ever. This artisan bakery uses sustainable stone-milled organic flour and offers his freshly baked goods from 3:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. without having to get up early. I'm not complaining here.

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hunter's bread


this sweet little guybakeryAt Bikerton, it nailed it. The concept is simple: Every morning, your board of goodies for the day is uploaded to social media, and gets there before your favorite "cravings," "big" or "little" run out. Also consider beautiful puff pastry, flour sourdough and some delicious spelled bread.


high door

Morning walks in Hyde Park just got tastier thanks to itChubajriin Highgate. As well as making some of the best donuts in Perth, you can't miss the signature avocado, feta and sriracha thick toast. We think you'd be crazy too if you didn't get a double baked croissant on the go.

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mill and baker


Another bakery not far from Hyde Park,It specializes in sourdough and pastries made using traditional methods and is one of the few places that actually grinds its own flour. We haven't tried anything we didn't like, but the cheese rolls, vegetable pesto sandwich and cardamom scones are highly recommended, and of course their excellent sourdough, so might as well start there.

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North Street Store (and all its branches)


This isneighborhood storeCottesloe has been driving locals crazy for some time now with its outrageously delicious sourdough and famous cinnamon rolls. So it's no surprise that it (along with branches like Little Loaf and Big Loaf Factory) tops our list of the best bakeries in Perth. The post-swim reel on the NSS is basically Perth's right of way.

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wild bakery

on the front mantle

If you're one of those poor souls (poor thing) whose stomach isn't quite used to bread, you might want to go towild bakeryTried their sourdough in South Fremantle. Baked using traditional leavening methods, these babies are easier to digest than regular bread, but just as delicious, unlike the cardboard-like gluten-free crap you might be used to. Besides the appetizing bread, their almond croissants, pork and fennel sausage should be on your list if you're looking for something to eat on the way home.

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autumn bakery


If you haven't tried it fromCosecha Bakery, listen. All of their cakes are lovingly prepared and baked fresh daily in French patisserie style. It's a treat you have to tell all your friends about and apparently everyone has it as half the people in Perth seem to line up here every weekend. In fact, they just opened a new store in Scarborough near the beach, so now is the perfect time to check it out.

Last Crumb Cake Co.


Located in Hebei,Last Crumb Cake Co.is another very popular bakery known for its very friendly staff, incredible cakes and cinny rolls. They're always coming up with new delicacies to tempt you, keep an eye outinstagramat last.

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Cohen Bagheri


Cohen Bagheriis a family run restaurant in Rathland that bridges the gap between the modern day bakery and the rustic family bakery of yesteryear. The store offers classic white sandwich bread and sausage rolls, as well as sourdough and creative cakes that will make your mouth water. But what you must try is their fresh almond croissants.

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Maria Street Bakery

Highgate, Sealy Deville, Perth, Claremont and City Beaches

Carbs, delicious buttery carbs. what is itMaria Street BakeryLet's make it better Okay, they're the best in many ways, but let's focus on one thing for now. Choose from one of the donuts on display (passion fruit is a particular favourite), or opt for one of the chicken sangers (where they're available), and you'll see why Mary Street remains at the top of Perth bakery lists first place.

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Rosin Badgeri

Shenton Park

This little gem in Shenton Park is where foodie dreams come from. We're talking dark milk and salted hot chocolate, striped bacon and potato salad pastry rolls, salted caramel croissants, squid ink baguettes, red miso and edamame bread, and real cookie bread, just to name a few!via breadcrumbsIt has an incredibly imaginative and creative menu, with both sweet and savory delights, which is why we rated it a 10/10.

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kneaded bread and coffee


This tiny, family-run bakery is a Scarborough local favorite, and once you step inside the cozy space, you'll see why. Vegan meatloaf, crazy focaccia, bagels and possibly the best sourdough ever - only good baked goods can deliverkneaded bread and coffeeFirmly among our favorites, but we think it's the community vibe that sets this place apart.

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White bread

Freemantle and the Netherlands

trip to fremantle is absentWhite breadGrab some organic wood baked bread on Packenham Street. These delicious loaves are baked in ovens called Hansel and Gretel, which are made of volcanic stone and designed to emit heat gently. The best way to enjoy Bread In Common carbs is with your own raw butter. They also have a small bakery,shared bakery, and Carrington Street and Nedlands.

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weird pimples

Shenton Park

yes, this isbakeryBehind the cute old Nana who appeared on Shark Tank. Wow the judges (and us) with the most delicious wheat-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free bread we've ever tried. Carb intake has never been wiser.



Patisserie is the name of the gamebehind, so be prepared to slip into a croissant-induced coma. They offer a lot of variety as well as beautiful baguettes and some of the best pies in Perth, but the ham and cheese croissants are so good that one of you told us he would trade his first child , so we thought he would be less than crazy. once.

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wood fired baker

Mayan Paradise

After exploring Perth's farmers markets and health food stores,wood fired bakerOpened in Maylands and the locals are very happy. The boys here are on a mission to be the most traditional. When you're making additive-free artisan breads, cakes and organic sourdough, you'll want it fresh from their 100-year-old wood-fired oven right away.

23 of Perth's best bakeries to visit in 2023 (17)



If you haven't ventured to Rokeby Road try itde SorganicYeast, then you failed adult Saturday. We think it's something special that these guys use their appetizers at night when they go to bed. This is where true artisan dough comes in. After a 72-hour baking process, bread connoisseurs: beware.

sugar and cute


If your next party cake isn't made ofThen you better give up your life. These decadent and beautifully decorated creations are taking Instagram by storm, and we're sure no birthday is complete without it. If there's no celebration coming soon, you can always stop by Sugar & Nice for a delicious donut (or two or three) serving of donuts, cinnamon rolls or brownies.

Do they want more? plan a road tripWestern Australia's best bakeries.

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