2023 Mazda CX-50 road trip review: A surprisingly exciting quest for sourdough (2023)

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I want to thank everyone for one of the most delicious cakes I have had in years. No you didn't bake it but you're the reason we jumpedOur 2023 Mazda CX-50A weekend looking for the open road and a story to tell. We drove through coastal and mountain roads on our way from Los Angeles to Solvang, California, a quaint and charming Danish town in central California. It's a race against time that may well pay off halfway: we really don't know if we'll make it before the bakery closes.

We weren't planning on driving across two lakes or stopping for dinner where we passed, but that's what happens on carefree road trips sometimes. Here's our day, and how the CX-50 fares as a road-trip SUV.

mira 0: What's wrong with meTire Problems Before Driving? The week before our CX-50 road trip, Mazda's tire pressure monitoring system alerted our driver that his rear tire was leaking air.

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The American Tire Depot crew complimented our SUV's zircon sand metallic paint while removing the studs and securing the tires. I'm not a beige car buyer, but Mazda's $395 beige is a bold, purposeful hue that suits the CX-50 and the brand.

mira 0: When he gets in, my other half hits his leg again on the passenger side vent. Well, I think so.DoIt protrudes more on the passenger side than on the driver's side. So we're off to a good start, right? not any! First we forget one thing, then we go back to another before starting a race against time. We used Google Maps on Apple CarPlay and it said that if all goes well, we will be in the bakery's parking lot 17 minutes before closing for the day.

It's time to hit the road.

mira 11: We saw a pink Corvette on the other side of the highway. Is it Hollywood celebrity Angeline? Should it be on the road trip bingo card?

mira 33: When we got to Camarillo, the traffic suddenly slowed down at the foot of the hill. I hit the brakes and my tall stainless steel water bottle starts doing what this car usually does: turn the heated driver's seat to level three. After half a mile, I wondered why I was so hot. I'm going to start getting shorter bottles for this SUV.

Mila 62: beautiful. We drove along Highway 101, admiring the edge of a steep mountain near a town called Sea Cliff. The CX-50's vantage point is fine, but I can't help but think that fromsubaru forester. Of course, the Mazda is slimmer than its boxy SUV counterparts.

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mira 74: An impressive windblown cypress stands alone in the middle of the highway's north-south lanes. This lone tree is becoming a mental checkpoint as we travel along Highway 101. This survivor was just before we got to Santa Barbara.

I check the browser ETA from time to time and it doesn't change. In fact, we can finish it before the bakery closes.

Mila 98: We closed 101 and my husband first noticed: Lake Cachuma is higher than we've seen in years. As of this writing, California is battered by storms week after week, and you can really see the impact of this two-lane highway through our windows.

The CX-50 normally makes 227 horsepower, butSuitable for up to 250 hpIf you fill it up with good stuff; we make good use of the turbocharged I-4 engine when there is a safe and legal place to pass. The 2.5T engine feels quicker than the less powerful non-turbo S model, but as we mentioned before, we wouldn't mind if the SUV was still a little quicker. Regardless, the engine sounds great when you get the most out of it.

Mira 114: Everyone is a critic. I parked on the street next to Good Seed Coffee Boutique and my other half noticed the immaculate Lexus LS parked closer to the curb behind us. Well, maybe it is, but I appreciate that our 2023 Mazda CX-50 reverses the downward tilt of the mirrors to assist with parking. Not all non-luxury brands offer that feature, so thank you Mazda.

still miles 114: To add to the excitement, a customer in front of us had credit card issues. We are waiting. time flies. Finally it was our turn. This place is drier for Snickers cookies, but we still got a whole loaf of red and white sourdough (delicious and slightly sweet), a couple of almond pecan scones, an espresso, and an organic Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese and Frosting. vanilla . .

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In addition to finding the fun of the journey, the highlight is of course the monkey bar. The so-called granola bars are made with peanut butter, dates, chocolate chips, bananas and walnuts, among others. might needValue of the CX-90It's a visit in the future.

Mira 114,5: Let's walk around the building and go to the bathroom. In that parking lot, we saw an old Honda Fit with a Toyota "TRD 4x4" sticker on it. in a.

Mira 115: After watching two horses pull a passenger van through the resort town of Solvang, we used voice commands in Apple CarPlay to look for restaurants in the coastal town of Carpinteria, just as the traffic data backed us up for the day. Before the northbound situation: Three lanes of 101 merged into one, blocking traffic for miles. I tried my best not to finish the scones and monkey bars before dinner.

Mila 137: On our way through Lake Cachuma, we saw beautiful blackLincoln MKZ with Vista roof open.Maybe an extreme example, but that sedan's two-foot opening reminded me of the tiny opening in the CX-50's dual-pane panoramic sunroof. Most 2023 CX-50s include the feature, starting with the 2.5 S Preferred Plus model; think of it more as a way to add light to the cabin, which is still a positive.

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Mila 158: We have finished our dinner, but the road construction is still going on. The navigator said to enter the hills on the final two-lane road to Ojai. A detour along the winding road will save us 30 minutes, he promises. You don't have to ask us twice...

Mila 162: I pushed the easy find drive mode tab to Sport, and we enjoyed a couple of good kilometers before entering another twisty dual carriageway with a lot of traffic. Either way, there is still enough daylight to enjoy the surrounding mountains, some avocado farms and finally Lake Casitas.

Mira 206: Pro Tip: Do all your outlet shopping before they close for the best parking spots. In the CX-50, I can indulge my perfectionist tendencies because I'm not in a hurry. i press the button that rings360-degree camera systemto make sure I was in the row of the parking lot. That screen is only available on the 2023 CX-50 2.5T Premium Plus (the most heavily loaded model), so I appreciate that the button to use it is above your left knee. The absence of a prominent white button on the center console gives anyone who drives a CX-50 a chance to be ashamed. However, if the functionality is to be available in multiple versions, we want to place the button in different locations.

Mila 248: We came back, exhausted but full of extra calories and filled by the scenery. The CX-50 2.5T is more than enough to please buyers who know its unique packaging. The Mazda drives well, with a good-looking exterior and a functional interior, with a practical cutout in the trunk to keep smaller items from spilling on curvy roads. If you can get over its poor ride quality, heavy steering, and passable range, the CX-50 is a solid choice even if you don't drive hundreds of miles to the bakery.

you can see! more details?

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What is the problem with the Mazda CX-50 2023? ›

Most Common Problems with the 2023 Mazda CX-50

Rattles, shoddy workmanship, road noise, heavy steering, and complaints that it produces a rough ride are some of the common problems owners of the new 2023 Mazda CX-50 are faced with.

Is the Mazda CX-50 fun to drive? ›

The Mazda CX-50 offers a driver-friendly personality with higher handling limits than other crossovers or small SUVs in its class. Some might find the ride a bit stiff with less body roll. It is never jarring and handles bumps nicely, even on not-so-nice roads.

What is the 1 4 mile time for a Mazda CX-50? ›

16.5 sec @

Are the CX-50 seats comfortable? ›

Mazda's tradition of premium interior materials continues with the CX-50. The leather surfaces are soft, and the switches and buttons feel solid. Unfortunately, the seats in the CX-50 are on the firm side. Some people like a firmer seat to keep them upright, but these grew painful for my passengers during our trip.


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